Top 5 Data Science Case Studies – Industry Sectors Covered

Top 5 Data Science Case Studies: Technological advancements in the current world have led Data Science to foster and businesses have been able to widely reap its benefits. Different sectors are deploying data science within their entities helping them to make better decisions and promote innovations. Professionals using data science and data science tools in different industries are the data scientists who have major demands in the market. There are several data science case studies that are important examples for different industries to remain aware of the prevailing market conditions. 

Data Scientists need to update themselves constantly to be aware of the technological advancements in the business market. The updates on data science’s progress are possible using industrial case studies that include the latest information regarding the implementation of technologies in different sectors. Let’s check out the latest information on the inducement of data science technologies in different industries focusing on numerous case studies. 

Top Data Science Case Studies 

1. Data Science in Hospitality Industry 

The hospitality industry is booming in the world and data science technologies have enabled the industry to expand and enhance greater efficiency. The use of data science tools helps pricing strategy for the hotels, analyzing the customer demands and needs and tracking the recent trends in the market. 

There are many data science case studies examples where you can find the use of data science tools for enhancing the hospitality services in the hotel industry. One instance can be taken of “Airbnb”, which is adapting the technologies relevant to data science quite faster than other market competitors. Airbnb has experienced a growth of 43000% which is attributed to hypergrowth in only five years of implementing data science. They have been using techniques including data processing, using data analytics insights for decision-making, and translating data for customers’ voices. The hospitality industry works on the basis of industrial trends and tries to implement them within the organization. Airbnb makes use of statistical data for analyzing industrial trends to ensure that better services are enabled for the customers. With the help of these tools, Airbnb is able to ensure its market growth in the competitive business environment. 

2. Data Science in Healthcare 

Data Science is able to make use of different tools and technologies which help in presenting visual images for people to better understand a particular message. In the healthcare sector where medical science is advancing rapidly, data science technologies like Artificial Intelligence have remained huge support. It has enabled doctors and healthcare professionals to conduct treatments of their patients as diagnosis using imagery has made it easier to convey messages on patients’ health better. While many data science case studies books are available, an instance of healthcare-related data science case studies examples can be explained for developments in Biotech. 

The case of AstraZeneca, a Biotech company operating globally, has enabled the use of data science to ensure that innovation can be found in the field of medicine. This company makes use of data science tools like Artificial Intelligence, which has helped it to develop and discover newer medicines with advanced innovative technologies. The Research and Development team of AstraZeneca is highly qualified in using AI-driven technologies. This has enabled the team to gain data and insights into diseases related to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, kidney, etc. Hence, Ai driven technologies have helped in using these data for the treatment of these kinds of diseases while using medications that are developed with the help of data science. 

Not just in the innovation of advanced medicines but AstraZeneca is also indulged in using data science technologies in clinical trials as well. The main reason is to redesign these trials and ensure that medication strategies are achieved. The company has a Centre for Genomics Research which has aimed to analyze 2 million genomes by 2026 using data science tools and AI. The time taken by human analysis of the images regarding the medical diseases and the biomarkers is lessened by 30% using AI tools. Hence, from this data science case study, it is understood that within the healthcare sector, the use of AI has formulated redesigning of clinical trials, innovation in medicines, improvement in medical strategies, etc. 

3. Covid19 and Data Science 

Data Science became extremely popular during the Covid19 period when different industries could make use of data science tools to gain insights and devise strategies. The pharmaceutical industry has gained the most benefits in terms of innovating vaccinations and developing medicines for the treatment of patients affected by the coronavirus. Different data science teams in different companies have been using data during the pandemic and fighting the virus. 

One of the real-life case studies of data science can be found in the case of Johnson and Johnson which has leveraged the use of data. Johnson and Johnson built a global surveillance dashboard during the pandemic as a measure to track and prevent the spread of the virus. The use of this technology helped in tracking the progress in which the pandemic condition is moving, the areas where the virus is at its peak with larger people affected, and the potential hotspots. Additionally, the technology also enabled the identification of the places where the potential candidates are eligible for Covid19 vaccine. The team of data scientists within the company has been working to calculate the accurate number of people affected by the virus taking into account hospitalization, mortality, and social compliance using the dashboard. 

4. Data Science in Ecommerce 

Ecommerce has become one of the largest sectors that are growing exponentially in the entire world. However, the eCommerce industry runs on data analytics that helps brands to understand customer trends and demands using insights gained from data analytics. They are able to reduce even operational costs and enable personalized shopping experiences for customers using data analytics. The biggest case study for the eCommerce sector can be identified as that of Amazon. The Amazon data science case study revolves around how the e-commerce giant that began selling books online turned out to be the largest online selling platform in the world. 

Amazon believes that its customer engagement is possible only when the customers feel they can have experiences that are beyond any human assistance. Enabling personalized shopping experiences by Amazon has improved the level of customer satisfaction. Data science is the biggest contributor technology for Amazon which has helped the brand to establish itself as the leading online retailer. It makes use of the data generated using data science to understand and evaluate the customer experiences and their entire journey to make their experiences better. Amazon uses data science to collect insights even on competitor statistics and customer engagement using it as a means to improve their own products and services. With the use of Alexa, Amazon has been helping to enhance the user experience for Amazon and keep customers engaged with the brand. 

5. Data Science in Supply Chain Management 

Supply Chain Management is an essential operation within different industries and it becomes important for businesses to keep their supply chain optimized at all levels. Accordingly, data science is the best way that industries have considered to enhance and improve the functions of the supply chain. From gathering raw materials from suppliers to warehousing and inventory management to even delivery of the products and services, in-depth monitoring and control of the supply chain are essential. Big data analytics has been deployed in different sectors and one such data science case studies include UPS. A well-known package delivery and supply chain management company, UPS has the ability to deliver thousands of packages with 100 deliveries every day. The use of On-Road Integrated Optimisation and Navigation (ORION) is the tool used by UPS to optimize its supply chain and track its operations. Using this approach, UPS has been able to save 1.6 million gallons of gasoline, reducing the cost of delivery. 

6. Data Science in Meteorology 

Data Science has remained an integral part of forecasting weather depending on which various businesses are conducted from aviation to agriculture. The weather forecasts made by the meteorological department make use of data science-related tools and technologies quite effectively. One of the data science case studies includes that of the IMD that made use of data analytics to evacuate 1.2 million people, saving them from cyclone “Fani.” Data scientists make use of satellite images to deliver short-term forecasts of the weather, while machine learning is used for matching the pattern. In the case of cyclone Fani, IMD used machine learning technology to identify the set of patterns that contributed to a potential cyclone in the low-pressure zones of the Odisha Coast in India. Thirteen days before the cyclone hit the state of Odisha, the meteorological department warned the people about evacuation against a storm that is on the way based on which safety measures were taken. Due to the data science insights and information, 1.2 million people could be saved from the cyclone and its massive impact. 

7. Data Science in Entertainment Industry 

In the post-pandemic era, it is quite evident that online channels have become the new norm for people. People are now preferring more of OTT (Over-the-top) platforms to watch movies and TV series rather than going out for movies. Even listening to music has become more convenient with online channels offering subscription packs at cheap prices and listening and downloading them without much hustle. 

A case study on data science in the entertainment industry can be identified with the popularisation of Netflix and the way in which it is able to enhance customer experiences. With the help of data science, Netflix has been able to stream content in different languages along with making personalized recommendations for the customers to improve efficiency and customer engagement. The ranking algorithms of Netflix have allowed the OTT platform to find a solution to compete in the market with improved performance and accuracy. 

8. Data Science in Banking and Finance 

The banking and Finance sector has been leveraging the use of technologies for quite a long time. Certainly, from online banking systems to fraud detection, technological innovation has been part of the banking sector. With several different brands in the sector, banking and finance are utilizing Big Data Analytics for increasing their revenue as well as improving customer experiences. The case study of a major private bank from India, HDFC Bank can be attributed who has enabled the use of AI-driven technologies for growing its revenue and enhancing customers’ banking experiences since 2004. Additionally, the use of analytics engines and SaaS is being made by the bank to ensure that relevant offers are known to the people. Data science technology has been used for the prevention of fraudulent activities that allows the bank to be aware of any kind of intervention from third-party sources into their accounts. 

Wrapping up 

The above article has been able to provide some interesting facts on data science. The real-world case studies of data science have helped in understanding how effectively technologies are expanding in the world using different tools. This has enabled businesses to acquire proper insights into data, enhance customer experience and even improve their business decision-making. These data science case studies are the medium through which data scientists are able to gain information about different companies and their current and future technological strategies. Thus, data science is a powerful medium using which organizations are able to enhance their performance in the market. 


  • Where can I find full data science case studies?

Data Science case studies can be found on company websites where they share their stories of success. These stories include information regarding how they have used data science to progress and achieve their goals. 

  • How can I solve the data science case study?

Following are the steps to solve the data science case study: 

  • Identifying the problem and evaluating strategies 
  • Gathering data by making assumptions relevant to the problem 
  • Selecting appropriate tools and algorithms related to ML 
  • Making predictions and accepting solutions based on the data. 
  • What are the good books providing study cases in data science?

Good books for case studies in data science include Practical Statistics for Data Scientists, Introduction to Probability, Python for Data Analysis, etc. You can find these data science case studies with solutions pdf online. 

  • What are some of the best data science courses?

Some of the best data science courses are offered by JHU at Coursera for Data Science Specialisation, Introduction to Data Science by Metis, Data Science MicroMasters by UC San Diego at edX, etc. You can even find a data science online course from Pickl that also offers internship certificates. 

  • Are online certification courses in Data Science worth doing?

Online data science certification courses provided by Pickl include real-time projects, live sessions with mentors, practical projects, and even internship programs that allow you to become a professional data scientist. 

  • What are the best online full-time data science courses?

Some of the best online full-time data science courses include upgrade, Intellipaat, Simplilearn. Pickl.AI also provides one of the best online data science courses. You can find data science case studies in data science case studies GitHub as well. 

  • Do you have any real examples of Data Science use cases?

Real examples of data science use cases include Amazon, Johnson, and Johnson, HDFC bank, etc. 

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