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TransOrg Analytics has discovered a peculiar trend among their recruited talent over the past decade. Despite having exceptional analytical abilities and theoretical knowledge, these promising young students struggled to apply their skills to real-life business problems. In response, TransOrg Analytics created a two-month accelerated Data Science training program for new hires, resulting in astonishing outcomes. The once-overwhelmed young professionals developed a newfound love for working with large volumes of data.

This observation led to the realization that many Data Science courses primarily teach the subject from a theoretical standpoint, failing to provide a holistic understanding of the field. These courses treat Data Science as an end in itself, while practitioners understand that it is a means to achieve better and faster problem-solving. To address this gap between the skills needed to solve business problems and the Data Science being taught, Pickl.AI was established. Its purpose is to bridge this disparity and offer practical Data Science training that aligns with industry demands, in contrast to the multitude of online courses available.

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Sneh Chiripal

Harshita Taneja

Being a Data Science enthusiast, I always wanted to explore more about the use of Data Science. And with Pickl.AI's Radicl Machine Learning program, I learned about the core concept of Machine Learning.

Kashvi Verma

I had been looking for a Machine Learning course for non-tech people and learned about Pickl.AI.

Sahil Singh

As a professional, I understand that upskilling oneself is important to stay ahead of the competition. With Pickl.AI, I upskilled and upgraded my knowledge of the new Machine Learning tools.

Aaditya Singh

Data Science specialization can help in excelling in one's career, and Pickl.AI ensures that we take the best step forward. After completing this ML course, I feel more confident to take the best step forward in my professional journey.

Shivangi Kochhar

Learn new skills when and where you like.

Designed for anyone looking for a complete experience of the world of Data Science.

  • Structured, industry-relevant curriculum
  • Curated problem sets and quizzes
  • Extensive feedback on assignments
  • Money-back guarantee

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