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Frequently Asked Questions

Pickl.AI offers a free chat GPT course that lets you learn about the applications of ChatGPT while covering some of the core concepts.

Yes, you can do predictive modelling using ChatGPT. The free course offered by Pickl.AI covers the concept in depth. You can enrol for this course free of cost and start learning about the same.

Yes, you will have lifetime access to this free course.

Pickl.AI has carefully curated this free ChatGPT course for beginners. Individuals who are not aware of how to use ChatGPT, how to give the right prompts, and how they can use ChatGPT, will reap benefits from this course. It covers the basics of ChatGPT, how it is useful in building predictive models, and how you can effectively use this tool to simplify your task.

Any Individual who is willing to learn about ChatGPT, how they can use it and what are the right prompts that will help them, can join this ChatGPT course for beginners. As a part of this course, you will learn the right way of using ChatGPT. You don't need coding expertise to learn ChatGPT. Anybody, who is willing to learn how to use ChatGPT, can enroll for this course.

You will get lifetime access to this course, so all you need to do is enroll once and access the information as required.

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