tableau developer salary in india for freshers and experienced

Tableau Developer Salary in India [For Freshers & Experienced]

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Tableau developer salary in India: The world is developing rapidly with technological advancements requiring organizations to acquire efficient and skilled personnel. The booming conditions of the IT industry require tableau developers to be part of their teams. Tableau developer salaries in India for both freshers and professionals are well-recognized because of their crucial role in the market. From multinational corporations to small businesses and start-ups have been hiring tableau developers within their organizations. 

Hence, the following blog would include detailed information on the Tableau developer salary in India for both freshers and experienced. 

Role of a Tableau Developer

As a Tableau developer, you need to be proficient in terms of your understanding of data warehousing, data visualization as well as in data interpretation. You are the bridge between the company and the potential problems it might face in the market. using your visual insights it is possible for a company to solve crucial problems effectively. 

Responsibilities of a Tableau Developer

  • Provide solutions to the business problems of organizations through data visualizations. 
  • Having immense know-how in using storage tools and analytical processing
  • Analyzing performances by conducting unit tests 
  • Creating documentation, for instance, user guides, design notes, manuals, etc.
  • Ensuring lifecycle development in the application of the tableau

Career Opportunities 2022 as a Tableau Developer

Those who want to have a lucrative career in the IT industry with handsome salaries should develop their skills in tableau to acquire a rewarding career in the industry. 

With the world transforming itself digitally, the need for experts in data visualization is increasing. The following are the career options:

  • Tableau Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • BI Developer
  • Tableau Developer 
  • BI Manager

The expertise of Tableau Developer has some highly rewarding professions offered by multinational companies. With these career options available, you would be able to find yourself in a highly efficient position in the market as a tableau developer.  

Rewarding Career as a Tableau Developer

The career of a Tableau Developer is a rewarding one. Your training should be done by skilled and expert professionals to have hands-on experience. 

Considering that Tableau developers are highly lucrative careers, the main challenge is to stand in a crowd to show their skills. The scope of future tableau developers would peak for those having professional skills in Tableau within a much shorter time. 

Average Tableau Developer Salary in India

The average salary of a tableau developer is higher than other professions. Being a career role that is in high demand, the average salary is rising constantly. Individuals with only 1-2 years of experience earn 6-8 lakhs annually. For those individuals who have higher levels of experience earn around ₹ 12-15 lakhs annually. 

As per reports that have been gained, there are freshers with a high level of skills and training who have been earning 8 lakhs per annum.

Tableau Developer Salary in India according to Job Title 

Tableau developer salaries in India can differ based on different job titles available in the market. The Job Titles with their salaries have been explained below:

  • Data Analyst: the average salary for a data science professional in the market with a tableau skill set is ₹ 5.18 lakhs per annum. Data Analysts are responsible for ensuring that decision-making is done using insights from data exploration organizations. 
  • Business Intelligence Developer: Being a BI tool itself, experts having skills in tableau would be able to share the data analytics with the organizations. This would help in the decision-making of businesses. The average salary of a tableau developer in India for a BI developer is ₹ 5.97 lakhs per annum. 
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: With the help of a business analyst organizations are able to gain data-driven insights that help in improving customer experiences. BI Analysts help in strengthening the market position of the businesses. Accordingly, the annual salary of the BI analysts is ₹ 6.08 lakhs. 
  • Senior Data Analyst: this job role requires individuals to monitor teams of data analysts who are useful in extracting, organizing, and analyzing data. The average annual salary of senior data analysts ranges from ₹ 8.96 lakhs. 
  • Analytics Consultant: this job role requires the consultant to provide analytical solutions to the business organization. Data Mining projects are done by Analytics Consultant. They have an average annual salary of ₹1,000,000. 
  • Senior Business Analyst: this is the job title where professionals provide key information to businesses to improve their operational efficiency. Senior Business Analysts have the responsibility to suggest strategies for business growth and development. The average salary for Tableau developers annually stands at ₹ 9.64 lakhs. 
  • Software Engineer: These are the professionals who are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining everything related to computer software in the IT sector. The average salary for software engineers who may also possess tableau skills is hence, ₹ 4.94 lakhs annually.
  • Data Scientists: The job role of data scientists is one of the most popular roles, known as, “The Sexiest Job in the 21st Century,” by Harvard Business Review. This role requires scientists to use statistics, math, programming, and research to extract and analyze data. The average salary for data scientists is annually ₹ 6.21 lakhs. 
  • Data Engineer: The role of data engineers is to convert raw data into a usable format for data scientists, analysts, and business analysts to use in the decision-making process. The average annual salary for data engineers stands at ₹ 5.01 lakhs. 
  • Analytics Manager: Individuals with tableau experiences tend to indulge in implementing strategies and tools. They use raw data by converting them and gaining business insights. The average annual salary for these analytics managers is ₹ 20 lakhs. 

Tableau Developer Salary in India in Different Locations

The salary of Tableau Developers in India differs based on the different companies which are located in different cities. From multinational companies having their branches in different Indian cities to smaller companies in the country deploy tableau developers for their organization. Whether it is the IT industry specializing in providing technology-based services and products in the market or even the retail industry, the use of tableau as a BI tool is important. Experts in the tableau are required for the companies which provide them with lucrative salaries. 

Following is a table that provides clear details on the Tableau developer salary in India in different locations:

Job Location Average Salary (Yearly)
Bangalore, Karnataka ₹10,05,417
Hyderabad, Telangana ₹9,76,390
Pune, Maharashtra ₹8,53,831
Chennai, Tamil Nadu ₹9,97,552
Gurgaon, Haryana ₹7,78,797

Hence, it can be seen that Bangalore offers its tableau developers the highest salary range. Being the hub of the IT industry, the city employs the best experts having high knowledge and skills in using tableau. 

Top Companies Offering Lucrative Packages & Tableau Job Roles

Tableau Developer is a job role that is gaining popularity increase in the market and requires individuals with relevant experience and skills to join the best companies. Various top-level companies are ready to employ individuals within their company because of their expertise in Tableau. These companies can be found to be offering lucrative salary packages to professionals and hence, enhancing their workforce capabilities. 

While there are different job roles available in the market providing opportunities to tableau developers like data scientists, business analysts, analytics managers, etc, top companies in India are providing lucrative packages. These top companies to join which are offering lucrative packages and tableau job roles are as follows: 

  • Facebook
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Accenture
  • Dell
  • Gm
  • Sony Electronics
  • University of California
  • Muthoot Finance
  • Bank of America
  • KPMG
  • Fractal
  • Capgemini
  • SBI General Insurance

All the above-mentioned companies provide the highest level of salaries. Most of these companies have their establishment not just in India but also in the global market. Hence, professionals in tableau employed in these companies would be able to work with companies that have global brand images.

Skills required to become a Tableau Developer

In order to become a tableau developer, it is essential that professionals have a set of skills that would help them become efficient tableau developers. Data interpretation is one of the main skills that you should be proficient in as a tableau developer. You might have an educational background in Computer Science which would be beneficial as a data interpreter. Additionally, knowledge of Business Intelligence tools like Oracle BI might be quite helpful. 

There are certain other skills that you might need to possess to become a tableau developer. It is mainly having expertise in using different analytical tools like SQL server tools. Other than that, supporting tools and databases like SQL servers, and data analytics tools like ETL and OLAP should be known. 

Scope and Future of Tableau Developers

The business world is changing technologically and is consistently becoming dependent on data. The future of businesses would depend on data completely to carry out the major functions of an organization. Tableau Developers are some of those experts in the industry who are required for crucial tasks like decision-making processes in businesses. Their role in decision-making is to provide clear data insights using data visualization. Hence, empowering businesses to enhance their systems’ efficiency. 

Tableau is a BI tool in which you need to have greater knowledge and expertise. This is important for being able to perform different job roles. The scope of a tableau developer is huge because of their ability to conduct data visualization and generate reports from data insights. Being the second most demanding career option, a Tableau developer ranks second in the market. You may find yourself working as a data scientist or data analyst with skills in tableau. 

There are various instances of companies who are focusing on implementing Tableau because the South Asian market has realized the actual potential of data visualization. IT professionals in the industry consider Tableau as the most crucial requirement in the 21st century. 

Join a Course!

While it is well known by now that Tableau is a growing profession in the market, it is recommended that professionals should develop their knowledge and skills in using the BI tool. Joining a course to learn Tableau would help you to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of this field. It will also open up new opportunities in the employment market. 

With various job titles and roles that can be identified within the field of Tableau, you can choose a lucrative data science course that includes all about tableau and machine learning. You would be able to develop your skills, learn about data visualization and interpretation along with BI tools and enhance your professional career. A data science course with would help you learn about tableau and other data science-related topics. Furthermore, the course would allow you to undertake practical sessions as well as gain experience from live projects and internships. These training sessions would make you a better professional in data science and develop your skills in data analysis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Tableau Developers in Demand? 

Yes, the demand for Tableau Developers is high in the market. The need for professionals who can make use of data insights to gather reports and interpret them using data visualization is increasing. This has led the salary packages of the tableau developers to be quite high in the market

2. How is the future of Tableau in India?

The IT sector in India is booming while various other industries are also deploying new and emerging technologies within the businesses to enhance their performances. The future of tableau in India would enable you to earn an average ₹8 lakhs per anima to ₹20 lakhs per annum. Top companies offer promising packages to professionals in India. For instance, a Table Developer’s salary in Deloitte ranges from ₹5.2 lakhs to ₹13 lakhs annually.

3. Which is better, Python or Tableau? 

Tableau is better when it requires making a graphical presentation to interpret data thereby providing a visual representation of the data collected. Python is the best tool for the analysis of complex datasets.  

4. Does Tableau need Coding? 

Tableau does not require coding. It is able to create interactive sessions with the help of data visualization. Being a market leader in business intelligence, tableau’s best feature is that coding is not important for this software. 

5. What roles do you think you have to perform as a Tableau Developer? 

A tableau developer might have an entire lifecycle. you would be required to provide technical solutions to businesses regarding their decision-making process. Tableau developers would make use of data visualization to provide solutions. Online storage tools and analytical tools are utilized by an expert developer.  

6. What is the significance of BI Tools?

Business Intelligence or BI tools are important in business organizations to analyze complex data. Data analysts and developers can make use of BI tools to generate reports and create dashboards with critical insights into data. BI tools help in better handling the datasets. 

Wrapping Up!

Gaining knowledge regarding the tableau developer salary in India for freshers and experienced, it can be concluded that the profession is quite promising. The average annual salaries for a tableau developer in different job roles are extremely high and lucrative. If you are in the field of computer science or related fields, opting for a job role in data science and tableau developer roles would enhance your opportunities in the market. One can opt for different job locations in India for acquiring better salary ranges. If you are interested in the field of tableau, join a course in data science and expand your chances to become one of the top-level professionals in the country. 







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