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Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India

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Machine Learning is the part of Artificial Intelligence and computer science that emphasizes on the use of data and algorithms, imitating the way humans learn and improving accuracy. Machine Learning is becoming increasingly popular and crucial in today’s market for effective productivity and decision-making processes. Moreover, pursuing a career in Machine Learning may open myriad of job opportunities for you. Significantly, Machine Learning Engineers are becoming highly in demand in the market with lucrative salaries. The following blog post will evaluate Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India along with the roles and responsibilities and skills required.

Key Takeaways

Machine Learning Engineer job roles have increased 75% in the last four years and is growing constantly.

Pursuing a career in Machine Learning will help you acquire a high-paying job in the market.

Different industries from education, healthcare to marketing, retail and ecommerce require Machine Learning Engineers.

Job market will experience a rise of 13% by 2026 for ML Engineers

Why is Machine Learning Important?

Machine Learning allows complex mathematical calculations to be solved with automation for the purpose of Big Data. Consequently. Machine Learning helps businesses to identify critical patterns within a dataset and ensures to make better decisions with less human intervention. Moreover, with the help of Machine Learning it is possible to conduct timely analysis and assessment of organisational strategies and real-time predictions. Through this process, it helps in effective decision-making and transforming industries opening up opportunities for millions of Machine Learning Engineers.

What Does a Machine Learning Engineer Do?

The job role of a Machine Learning Engineer is quite similar to a Data Scientist as both the roles involves working with large volumes of Data. One major similarity between both the roles is that you need to excellent Data Management skills in your role to manage and deal with such large datasets. Machine Learning Engineers are mainly focused on designing self-running software important for predictive model automation. Effectively, Machine Learning Engineers work in close collaboration with Data Scientists ensuring that data used by the latter have higher accuracy.

Key responsibilities of a Machine Learning Engineer:

  • Studying and Converting Data Science Prototypes
  • Designing and Developing Machine Learning systems and schemes
  • Perform statistical analysis and fine-tune models using the test results
  • For the purpose of training, Machine Learning Engineers need to find datasets online.
  • Training and retraining ML systems and models
  • Extending and enriching existing ML frameworks and libraries
  • Developing Machine Learning apps based on the customer/client needs
  • Research, experiment and implement suitable ML algorithms and tools
  • Analysing problem solving capabilities and use cases of ML and ranking them by their probability of success.
  • Exploring and visualising data for better understanding and identifying differences in data distribution that can affect model performance. 

 Skills and qualifications required to become a Machine Learning Engineer:

Skills to become a ML Engineer

To excel as a Machine Learning Engineer, it is essential for you to have the right skills that will enable you to work with greater proficiency. Following are the skills needed to learn Machine Learning:

  • Statistics and Probability: understanding algorithms is one of the most crucial aspects of becoming a Machine Learning Engineer. You need to have complete knowledge of theories involving Hidden Markov models, Naïve Bayes and Gaussian Mixture.
  • Data Evaluation and Modelling: evaluating the effectiveness of the different Machine Learning models at regular intervals is one of the crucial tasks. You can do this by developing your skills in regression and classification, measuring the error or accuracy of a given model. Consequently, you also need an evaluation strategy that will help in the process.
  • ML Algorithms: it is essential that when you pursue a career as a Machine Learning Engineer you have the knowledge of different ML algorithms. You should know which algorithm perfectly fits a particular situation. Developing the understanding of these subjects require knowledge on partial differential equations, gradient descent, quadratic programming and others.
  • Programming languages: one of the most crucial skills for you to have an excellent career in Machine Learning is having expertise in programming languages. It includes learning Python, R, Java, C++, SQL, etc. These languages help you in different stages of Machine Learning projects.

Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India:

The demand for Machine Learning Engineers is definitely high in the market although you need to have the adequate and right number of skills to get the job. Accordingly, those with the right skill sets have higher demand and one of the biggest reasons for Machine Learning salary in India being high. The average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer in India stands approximately at Rs 686, 281 annually as per Payscale which includes bonuses and profit-sharing.

There are various factors affecting the Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India which includes:

  • The company that you work for. India, companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Salesforce, etc are the companies with higher job opportunities and higher salary for ML engineers.
  • Another factor is the experience of the candidate because the more experience you have, the more refined your skills and knowledge are. Accordingly, an entry-level ML engineer will earn around 5.1 LPA, whereas one with 10 years of experience will earn more than 20 Lacs per annum.
  • Location of the candidate or the company also matters because the location impacts the ML salary. It mainly occurs because of the differences in infrastructure and lifestyle expenses required for a Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Another important factor affecting the ML Engineer’s salary is the candidate’s skills. Significantly, it requires you to have the ability to ensure that you use your skills effectively. It is the skills of the candidate that determines the salary in India.

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Machine Learning Engineer Salaries in India by Cities:

Though the average salary of Machine Learning Engineer is advocated to be around Rs 686,281 per annum, the range varies in different cities in the country. These are as follows: 

  • Bangalore: Machine Learning Engineer salaries in Bangalore on an average stands at ₹855,64 per annum. 
  • Hyderabad: the average salary of the Machine Learning Engineer is ₹898,459 as per the reports of Glassdoor. 
  • Chennai: the annual Machine Learning Engineer salary in India in Chennai is ₹671,599 as per the reports of Payscale. 
  • Mumbai: Glassdoor records the annual average salary of Machine Learning Engineer in Mumbai being ₹855,000 per annum. 
  • Pune: In Pune, the average annual salary of ML Engineers stands at ₹601,373 as per PayScale.
  • Delhi: According to Indeed the annual salary of ML Engineers on an average stands at ₹465,697 per annum. 


Machine Learning Engineer Job Opportunities:

You will find several Machine Learning Engineer Job Opportunities in India for different roles that will help you understand that with ML skills you can acquire the following roles:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Software Developer/Engineer
  • Human-Centred Machine Learning Designer
  • NLP Scientist
  • Director of Analytics
  • Principal Data Scientist
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Algorithm Engineer
  • Computer Scientist


Thus, Machine Learning is an important part of business organisations in the world today where effective decision-making can take place. Machine Learning Engineers are henceforth in more demand in India for enduring higher productivity. Consequently, Machine Learning Engineer salary in India remains high although variations occur given the differences in skills and experience. While it is one of the collaborative job roles, the demand for ML Engineers makes it one of the highest-paying jobs in the country. 


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