How to get a Internship into Data Analysts?

Are you seeking an entry-level Data Analytics job but don’t know where to start? Are you worried about the fierce competition in the market? One way to stand out as a Data Analyst is to complete an internship program in this domain.

As the field continues to expand, knowing the right way to venture into it can simplify your professional growth curve. One of the ways to enter the industry of Data Analytics is an Internship as a Data Analyst. In this blog, we have compiled the key information related to the Data Analysts internship for beginners. Read this blog to learn how to crack one!

What is a Data Analyst Internship?

A Data Analyst Internship is a great learning opportunity that helps you gain practical experience. These internships are open to all. Whether you are a fresher or a professional, there are dedicated platforms offering Data Analyst internships for Undergraduates, Data Analyst internships for freshers and even online Data Analyst internships for those looking for a work-from-home option. The goal of a Data Analyst Internship for beginners is to help you develop skills and expertise to take you to the next step in your career.

Reasons to Pursue a Data Analyst Internship:

While Data Analyst internships are not the benchmark to get a job in the field, here are a few reasons to pursue the field:

  • The Transition From Study to Workplace: Data Analyst internships for freshers are a great way to start your career and change from study to workplace. You get to handle real-time data projects, and although responsibilities are higher, the work pressures are lesser than full-time jobs.
  • Analyse Your Interests: It can be an excellent way for you to find your interest in the field. Before making a long-term commitment to a company, you know whether you want to be a business intelligence or healthcare analyst. Effectively, it allows you to explore the different options.
  • Work Under Mentorship: As a full-fledged Data Analyst, you need to acquire practical skills from an experienced professional. Interns often work under senior-level Data Scientists or Data Analysts. Accordingly, you can choose your career path and learn about machine learning or computer vision.
  • Build Skills with Hands-on Learning: Whether you are working offline or you are part of an online Data Analyst internship program, you will learn new skills aligned with your career goals. Additionally, you should expand your domain by learning about predictive analytics in HR or product design. With the right mentorship and specific career goals, Data Analyst internships for undergraduates are great ways to build your skillset to follow your ambition.
  • Get a Job Offer: While working as a Data Analyst Intern, you might be endowed with significant responsibilities, and your work efficiency can prove your company’s effectiveness. Consequently, it may lead you towards getting a job offer at the same company enrolling you as a full-time Data Analyst.

Skills and Experience You Need to Get a Data Analyst Internship:

Data Analyst Internship Skills

Although you can get a Data Analyst Internship with no experience in a well-known company or a start-up, you must have some basic Data Analytics skills. The whole point of the internship is to develop your expertise in the field. 

However, having some basic level skills will only help you get the training and become more explicit about why you’re doing it in the first place. That being said, here are the skills that you need to get through a Data Analyst internship for beginners:

  • Basic Coding Skills: You do not have to be an expert in coding or using programming languages. However, having basic knowledge of coding principles can be an advantage. You can start by learning Python, for instance, by taking up Python for Data Science course by Pickl.AI. From essential to advanced level, you can learn it all.
  • Statistical and Mathematical Knowledge: Effectively, fundamentals of Data Analytics include statistics, including topics like descriptive statistics, probability, and inferential statistics. If you need a background in this section, it is always good to start your learning path.
  • Data Cleaning skills: Removing errors or complications from a dataset is essential for which MS Excel formulas become important. Accordingly, your Data Science internship for freshers might require you to indulge in Data Cleaning.
  • Soft Skills: While having technical skills at the fundamental level is essential, you must also have soft skills. It includes skills in communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and team-working skills. These skills help you gain an internship and take a long way in your career path.

Data Analyst Internships Summer 2023

There are several Data Analyst Internships for freshers which you can opt for, some of which are given below:

Data Science for Working Professionals and Graduates by Pickl.AI

The Data Science program by Pickl.AI offers fresh graduates and working professionals an Internship opportunity after completing the three months course. The Data Science course allows you to learn programming languages, statistics, Machine Learning and Supervised and Unsupervised Learning.

As a part of its Data Science programs, you will develop Data Analytics skills by learning to utilise different tools. It will definitely enhance your capacity as a Data Analyst. Eventually, you will gain the opportunity for Data Analyst Internship with no experience with TransOrg Analytics for one month. The internship will help you enhance your skills and provide hands-on experience as a Data Analyst. Moreover, you get the chance to work on real-life industry projects and learn under the mentorship of in-house Data Scientists.

Data Science and Machine Learning Internship Program by Edureka

The program offers you to learn from industry experts and allows you to learn about different technologies and projects in the industry. Moreover, the program ensures that the professionals taking the course work at companies like Microsoft, Google and Meta. The internship program will help you learn about Python, Machine Learning, Tableau, and Deep Learning. Moreover, you do not need prior experience, or technical background is required for the program.

Data Science Internship by Datamites

This Data Science internship programme is designed to help the individual gain hands-on experience in data science and machine learning concepts. This internship program is open for undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing their education in this domain. In addition to providing conceptual expertise, this internship program also focuses on honing practical skills. As a part of this program, the students will learn about it Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, and Machine Learning.


Data Analytics, an in-demand market field, offers you various opportunities. You will find Data Analyst internships for undergraduates in many companies in the market, especially if you have yet to gain experience in the field. Internships are the most effective and crucial way to develop skills and gain hands-on experience. So, you should start looking for Data Analyst summer internships, free or paid, that will help you shape your career path.

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