Basic Keyboard shortcuts in MS Excel

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts in MS Excel

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Mastering Excel skills will give you a competitive edge. It is one of the most recognized and used applications globally. Expertise in MS Excel can help you increase your productivity and save time. Excel also plays a significant role in data science and light technologies. Excel offers many features and functions which can be time-consuming, but with the right knowledge of the shortcut keys, you can save time. In this blog, we are going to unfold the basic keyboard shortcuts in MS Excel.

What is Microsoft Excel?

It is a spreadsheet introduced by Microsoft. It is loaded with multiple features, computational capabilities, graphic tools, and pivot tables.  

Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

 Ctrl + A   Useful when selecting the cells in a worksheet
 Ctrl + C   Copies the selected cells to the clipboard
 Ctrl + V   Command for pasting the content of the clipboard
 Ctrl + X   Cuts the selected cells to the clipboard
 Ctrl + Z   Undoes the last action
 Ctrl + Y   Redoes the last undone action
 Ctrl + S   Saves the current workbook
 Ctrl + F   Opens the Find and Replace dialogue box
 Ctrl + H   Opens the Find and Replace dialogue box with Replace tab selected
 Ctrl + N   Creates a new workbook
 Ctrl + O   Opens an existing workbook
 Ctrl + P   Opens the Print dialogue box
 Ctrl + E   Activates the Flash Fill feature
 Ctrl + K   Inserts a hyperlink
 Ctrl + L   Highlights the Create Table dialogue box
 Ctrl + Q   Copies the formula from the cell above
 Ctrl + R   Copies the formula from the cell to the left
 Ctrl + T   Displays the Create Table dialog box
 Ctrl + U   Underlines the selected cells
 Ctrl + W   Closes the current workbook
 Ctrl + Y   Repeats the last action
 Ctrl + Z   Undoes the last action
 Ctrl + 1   Opens the Format Cells dialog box
 Ctrl + 2   Applies or removes bold formatting
 Ctrl + 3   Applies or removes italic formatting
 Ctrl + 4   Applies or removes underlined formatting
 Ctrl + 5   Applies or removes strikethrough formatting
 Ctrl + 6   Toggles between hiding and displaying objects
 Ctrl + 7   Toggles the display of the Standard toolbar
 Ctrl + 8   Toggles the display of the Outline Symbols
 Ctrl + 9   Hides the selected rows
 Ctrl + 0   Hides the selected columns
 Ctrl+Shift+U   Expand or collapse the formula bar
 F7   Opens the Spelling dialog box
 Ctrl+Alt+F5   Refresh all data in the workbook

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How to Insert a Tick Mark in The Excel Shortcut Key?

Begin with placing a cursor where you want to add the tick symbol.

For this, you should open the Symbol dialogue box:

Excel: Insert > Symbols

Insert a Tick Mark in The Excel

What Are The Benefits of Using Shortcut Excel Keys?

Saves time: One of the primary benefits of using the Excel shortcut key is that it helps in improving work efficiency.  You don’t need to hit the mouse pad or seek assistance to perform a particular task on Excel. Instead, knowing the shortcut will ease your task.

Reduces errors: With the keyboard shortcuts, you can minimize the probability of error. It ensures that you perform your task accurately.

Improves workflow: Keyboard shortcuts can help you move between different parts of Excel more quickly and easily, which can improve your overall workflow and make it easier to navigate the program.

Increases productivity: The primary objective of switching to a keyboard shortcut key is that it enhances your work productivity.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, these shortcuts can help you navigate the program more quickly and easily. By taking the time to learn and practice them, you can save a lot of time and reduce the risk of errors in your work. Most of the in-demand technologies like data science, blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence have some role in Excel. Hence mastering the shortcut keys can help you simplify your task and reduce the error, thereby enhancing your performance.

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Wrapping it up!!!

A brief overview of the shortcut keys in MS Excel will help you in performing some of the basic tasks with ease. Pickl.AI, we have focused on creating a curriculum that equips you with all such basic skill sets along with mastering the advanced data science skills that will help you grow professionally.  If you are also willing to start your learning journey, join the Pickl.AI course today.



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