How to get a Data Science Internship with no experience

Summary : Launching a Data Science career without experience can feel daunting. But fear not! This article equips you with actionable steps. Build your knowledge through courses and projects, showcase your skills with a portfolio, and leverage online resources. Network with professionals and apply strategically. With dedication, you can land that Data Science internship!


Data Science is certainly one of the most evolving technologies in modern times. It is the technology of the future that has certainly opened a gateway of opportunities for many. With its proliferating use cases across the business landscape, every company is looking for skilled and qualified Data Science professionals.

However, experience still remains an important criterion for filtering out the best candidate for a suitable job. So, the question arises of whether it is feasible for an individual with no experience to get an internship in Data Science. Well, if this question has been pondering you for a long, we have the answer for you.

This blog takes you through some of the important steps that will help you find an internship even with no prior experience in Data Science.

Why Do You Need a Data Science Internship in India?

Internship plays a significant role in defining your growth as a Data Science professional. If you are at the beginning of the learning curve, then an internship will be pivotal.

It will help you grasp the nuances of Data Science and focus on applying your skill set. All this will eventually boost your portfolio, thereby helping you find a well-paying job.

The fact is that there is a growing demand for Data Science professionals, and the demand gap continues to swell. However, securing an internship with a good company requires effort and time.

One needs to work in different aspects before one gets themselves knocking on the door of a desirable company for an internship.

As a part of the internship program, you will reap several benefits, like learning from professionals and gaining practical exposure to on-field work, thereby developing a robust professional network.

The Data Science application has picked up pace in recent times. It finds use cases across the industry spectrum, and hence, the demand for Data Science professionals is also going to witness a massive rise.

With a good internship program, one can enhance one’s portfolio and hone one’s Data Science skill set. All this will eventually give their career the right boost.

How Does a Data Science Internship Help?

data science  internship

Internships are available for freshers who are looking to break into the field of Data Science and build a successful career in this exciting and rapidly growing field. Internships in Data Science are important for several reasons:

Hands-on Experience

Internships provide the opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain hands-on experience working on real-world Data Science projects.

Career Advancement

It can lead to full-time job opportunities, allowing individuals to advance their careers in the field of Data Science.


You may also get the opportunity to network with industry professionals, build relationships, and learn from experienced individuals.

Skill Development

As a part of the internship program, you can further develop and refine technical skills, such as programming, Data Analysis, and modelling.

Understanding Industry Requirements

Internships give individuals a better understanding of the industry and the specific skills and knowledge required for success in the field.

How to Prepare For Data Science Internship:4 Easy Ways to Make it Happen

Data Science internships are imperative for anyone who wishes to start their career in the Data Science domain. But knowing the right way to proceed will help you in a number of ways. Here is how you can proceed:

Work on Projects

One of the easiest ways to get started with fetching a good internship in Data Science is to work on projects. It is a great way to demonstrate your skills. There are many datasets that are available for free, and you can pick them up and start preparing projects on them.

Some of the important ones include Kaggle, Global Health Observatory, Google cloud public data sets and others.

Create a GitHub Profile

Creating a good portfolio on Github is also a great way to attract the attention of Data Science companies. Your profile is your resume and showcases your credibility and proficiency in Data Science. The hiring managers might closely assess your profile as a part of their selection process.

Hence, the more impressive your profile, the better the prospect of you landing into a good internship program. If you are highly knowledgeable in Data Science, you can also contribute to open-source projects to highlight your skills.

Pen Down Ideas Into Blogs

If you wish to create a strong portfolio for your internship, then penning down your ideas and plans in the form of a blog is a great option. You can use your writing skills to focus more on Data Science and its application and growth in the future.

You can also get thoughts and feedback from the readers, which will eventually help you in boosting your profile. There are many online platforms where you can write and highlight your expertise in Data Science or light technologies.

Create Connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for working professionals. If you are willing to get a good Data Science job and an excellent internship opportunity, then you can focus on building your LinkedIn profile. 

Having a professional network and gaining more connections is a great way to get the attention of a Data Science company.  You can use your LinkedIn profile to highlight your skills, experience and education.

Join The Best Data Science Program And Grab a Data Science Internship in India

The Data Science courses have picked up pace in recent times. Many of these courses also provide you with the opportunity of an internship. You, too, can join one such Data Science program that not only helps you excel conceptually but also lets you put your skills to the test.

Pickl.AI is one such platform that gives you access to a knowledge repository in Data Science. At the same time, it also exposes you to real-world case studies that help you become a proficient data scientist. Moreover, its Data Science for Professionals also gives you an opportunity to grab a one-month internship with TransOrg.

Wrapping It Up !!!

The domain of Data Science continues to expand, and its use cases are rising. Hence, this is the right time to dip your toe into this field. With the right Data Scientist internship, you have the opportunity to hone your skill set and thus make yourself job-ready. 

For more interesting information and career updates on Data Science, connect with Pickl.AI today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Prepare for Data Science Interview Questions?

Practice your problem-solving skills. Online resources offer mock interview questions and tutorials on Data Analysis techniques. Brush up on your statistics and probability knowledge.

Where Should I Look for Data Science Internships?

General job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed list internships. Explore company websites and search for “Data Science internship” or “Data Analyst internship.” Don’t forget niche job boards like Kaggle or KDNuggets.

What Kind of Projects Can I Build to Showcase my Skills?

Data Science thrives on practical application. Use free datasets to tackle real-world problems. Analyze movie ratings, predict weather patterns, or explore social media trends. Showcase your projects on platforms like GitHub.



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