Will Data Science ever rule the world?

With the ever-evolving business world, it is important that we know and learn how to adapt to the changing technologies. In this era of digitalisation, one who knows how to use data rules the world. With careful observation, you can see that data is everywhere. 

From social media platforms to multinational companies operating across the world, data has the power to change everything. The interconnectedness depicted by data with people, companies and devices, gathering of data has become extremely easy and effective. 

Statistica.com has stated that till 2025, global data creation is supposed to grow more than 180 zettabytes. Hence, data has undoubtedly become the leading factor that adds value to the companies’ well-being and its precise use can share the future of the organisations. 

The digital revolution in the last decade has helped us see through the explosion of information in the industries. This has led to the rising demand for Data Science where collection of data results in gathering detailed insights, data creation and data analysis. 

So the question that we need to ask is- Will Data Science rule the world? Or is Data Science ruling the world already? Let’s find out. 

Is Data Science the Beginning or the End? 

Data Science is the field where gathering, collecting and interpreting complex data in an understandable format is presented in a meaningful manner to business executives. The insights gathered from the data by the executives, help them in making active business decisions. 

But the question is- How feasible is it for the future? 

The answer is – Data Science is highly feasible for the future. Bill Gates once said, “Content is King,” but everyone knows that “Data is the Queen.” If you want to delve deep into this idea, imagine a world 25 years ago, when the internet was still a future prospect and local businesses had to use Data Science for analysing which products were selling more and which were selling less. 

Based on that data, they would strategise to order their next batch of products. Data Analysis at that time was at its most authentic level. But with the advent of the internet, data analysis became extremely sophisticated because of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. 

Furthermore, one of the most effective ways businesses reach their target audience today is through digital marketing tactics. Accordingly, in order to learn about the consumer behaviour data collection through different platforms becomes easier and effective as well. 

However, the data-driven world requires and highly demand Data Scientists with exponential skills and capabilities who can significantly ensure to solve business problems and drive business decisions. The future will see millions of job opportunities in the field of Data Science flooding the market. 

All that the companies require today are efficient Data Science experts. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a beginner in Data Science, there are job roles opened for all. If you’re a Data Science aspirant, all you need to do is develop your skills by undertaking a Data Science course, whether online or in-person. 

Contribution to the Future 

With the rise in data and expansion of the internet in the market, contribution to Data Science is also supposed to increase along with job opportunities. The future will see an influx of Data Science professionals, whether the need is for fraud detection or for consumer behaviour analysis. 

Data Science is going to be around for a long time and we need to understand the way it will be making contributions to the future. I have gathered some deep rooted insights on the ways in which Data Science will benefit different industries in the future which are as follows: 

New Business Opportunities:

Business enterprises can be identified as one of the first to be affected by the presence of large volumes of data that have enormous potential to change business dynamics. Data Analysis is one of the most crucial processes of understanding consumer behaviour, industrial trends and patterns and enables product development. 

Moreover, we understand that for businesses to experience higher growth, predicting market behaviour and innovation of products are essential. Based on Forbes website, two-third of businesses have undergone or will be undergoing a complete digital transformation. 

This is proof that in the fast-changing business environment, enterprises need to rule data in order to rule the world. 

New Career Opportunities and Job Roles:

With the great influx of data flooding the business market and the need for experts will be creating new career opportunities and will lead to rise in job roles. You will find that more and more organisations are making use of big data as a means to experience business growth and have a competitive advantage. 

Data Science Jobs

New career fields have been emerging and are in great demand amongst the business enterprises. This involves job roles including Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Engineers and many more related career fields. Apart from their high demand, these job roles come with lucrative salaries as well. 

Based on the recruitment service from Michael Page India’s “The Humans of Data Science” report, Data Science will be creating 11.5 million job roles by 2026. The same prediction has also been made by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics on the increase of Data Science job opportunities in India, depicting a bright future in Data Science. 

Advancements in Healthcare: 

The importance of Data and Data Analytics is not just experienced within the corporate world but even in the healthcare industry. The potential of data to make and bring changes in the world of healthcare, demonstrates the feasibility of Data Science in the sector. 

International Data Corporation (IDC) report states that Healthcare data will be experiencing a compound annual growth of 36% through 2025. With an increase in the database of patients along with technological advancements, it will be possible for the healthcare sector to analyse any deficiency faster than before. 

Advancements in Healthcare

The benefit of such development will enable the government to ensure that they immediately mitigate the problems and deal with the emerging health crisis faster. Thus, the healthcare sector will be able to undertake better analysis of the treatment because of the large volumes of data and further, ensure better treatment. 

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 is an example on how data is being utilised enormously to enhance the healthcare system in providing advanced treatments to patients, develop vaccines and thus, change the dynamics of the industry. 

Improved security and law enforcement: 

One of the biggest concerns for advanced technological features has been data security and privacy. With fraudulent activities increasing, it becomes important that data is kept highly confidential and under higher security. 

Based on these advancements and the influx of data, what I have experienced is that improvement in security conditions has been one of the primary focuses in the industries. Accordingly, using Data Science and Data Analytics, prevention of security breaches and cyberattacks is possible. 

Improved security and law enforcement

The use of Data Analytics further will be used more effectively in reinforcement of laws and make further better laws and regulations for developing the social conditions. Using the statistical data, government and security authorities will be able to estimate crime rates in a specific region and therefore, work accordingly to prevent them. 

The use of Artificial Intelligence in this case, hence, will become more prominent as you need to make use of AI algorithms to rectify fraudulent transactions and activities. Moreover, AI algorithms can also be used to shut down such activities. 

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Data Science as Career Option: 

As the career opportunities increase in the field of Data Science and demand for experts in the field increases, many of you will want to transition to a career in Data Science. Being an aspirant of Data Science myself and one who has taken efforts to develop skills in the field, opting for a Data Science online course can be feasible. 

Accordingly, I will share my experience in choosing an online Data Science course which helped me gain hands-on experience in the field. Before choosing a course, I carefully ensured that I jot down all my requirements. 

This included my need to develop technical skills, my need for having practical experience in the field, finding an internship followed by a job placement right after my course completion, etc. 

Focusing on these requisites, I found Pickl.AI as one of the best platforms offering a myriad of courses in Data Science that could be helpful for me. Significantly, I opted for the Data Science Job Guarantee Program which provided 50+ hours of learning material including both recorded and online lectures. 

The course covered numerous topics and concepts required for me to become a professional Data Scientist along with helping me to develop my skills in practical terms. The presence of mock interviews and resume building sessions helped me in gathering more confidence before I went for an interview. 

The 5-month long course ended with having both conceptual and practical experiences followed by a 1-month internship under TransOrg Analytics, which is the parent company of Pickl.AI. I found my experience with the company extremely exciting and intimidating, helping me to enhance my skills effectively. 

The resume building sessions and mock interviews have been helpful in enabling me to sit for interviews that are part of the next 6 months process. A year-long course in Data Science by Pickl.AI has a carefully curated set of modules, thus, building your competencies to excel in the field of Data Science

Wrapping Up! 

In conclusion, I have provided you with immense understanding and a clear idea on how Data Science will rule the world, eventually. Bill Gates once said “content is king” but Data is the Queen. Its importance in the present and the future needs to be understood and taken much seriously. 

Building a career in Data Science further will open up numerous opportunities in different industries across the globe, allowing you to expand your horizons effectively. Thus, opt for your Data Science course, build your knowledge and skills and stay updated with the industrial trends and opportunities.

Asmita Kar

I am a Senior Content Writer working with Pickl.AI. I am a passionate writer, an ardent learner and a dedicated individual. With around 3years of experience in writing, I have developed the knack of using words with a creative flow. Writing motivates me to conduct research and inspires me to intertwine words that are able to lure my audience in reading my work. My biggest motivation in life is my mother who constantly pushes me to do better in life. Apart from writing, Indian Mythology is my area of passion about which I am constantly on the path of learning more.