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Remote Data Analyst Jobs, Salary, Employment [Updated]

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Are you looking for a Remote Data Analyst Job? Here’s what you should know about working remotely as a Data Analyst!

If yes, then worry not. With Data Science becoming a household name and requirement and the need for work from home on the rise, you can find the remote opportunity as a Data Analyst. By 2028 while most professions would become remote, Data Analyst is also a field that is suitable for remote environments. 

Following this blog would help you to gain knowledge regarding work-from-home data analyst jobs. 

Can Data Analysts Work Remotely?

A common question that arises with remote work in the field of data science is, “Can Data Analysts work remotely?” Data Analysts are mainly those professionals in today’s industries who convert raw data into meaningful ones. They are mainly problem solvers for organizations that use data insights to deliver solutions for a business. Data Analysts solve problems using various data science tools including MS Excel, Tableau, Python, R, etc. 

As a Data Analyst, you would be spending the majority of your time in front of the computer and little collaboration with other teams may be required. Hence, the following reasons can be attributed to Data Analysts to find their job suitable for remote working: 

  • Independent Work Environment- Data Analysts work the majority of the time independently. Collaboration is mainly required to understand the key stakeholder issues. 
  • Mostly Computer-based- You will mainly need a computer and internet connection to analyze the data and provide solutions to business problems. From gaining information from the web or interpreting the information, all is done on the computer. 
  • Ease of Remote Working- Technological development has ensured that with the help of proper internet connectivity, and the right technical tools, one can work from anywhere. Data Analysts would find it easier to work in a remote setting without any hustle and bustle. 

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What is the remote job market like for data analysts?

First, you need to know about the current market trends for the job role of a Data Analyst. This is to be followed by understanding the market of remote jobs. 

Focusing on the market trend for Data Analytics, it can be seen that Data and AI-related job professions are increasing at the rate of 41% per year. This simply implies that the job market for Data Analysts has higher opportunities. On the other hand, the pre-pandemic era is experiencing work from a home workplace environment to be more convenient and efficient. The rise in remote working environments has increased by 61% since 2020 and is supposed to increase further in the future. 

Combining the rise in Data Analyst jobs, as well as the increase in remote working in the current business environment, remote Data Analyst jobs, seem promising.  If you want to become a Data Analyst aspiring to work from home, the job market is quite lucrative and you would find immense job listings in the market. Some of the trends that can be identified in the current market for remote Data Analyst jobs include: 

  • 27,000 in LinkedIn
  • 7000 in 
  • 2000+ jobs in 
  • 2,500 jobs in Glassdoor 

data analyst remote jobs

How much do remote data analysts earn?

While remote Data Analyst is a promising career choice that you might pursue, most people are concerned about their salaries while working in a remote setting. There is quite a debate about whether remote Data Analysts should be earning less than their in-house analysts. 

It can be seen increasingly that remote workers in the market are expected to be endowed with a salary that is based on where they live. However, the expertise of the employees is also taken under consideration rather than their workplace choice. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the expansion of remote working and the adjustment of salaries based on where they live. While many have been arguing that work-from-home data analyst jobs should have salaries not based on where they live but based on how efficient they are for the organization. Hence, you need to be aware of what kind of job you opt for, whether remote or in-house and negotiate your salary considering the expertise that you would bring to the company. 

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Is it easy to become a remote data analyst?

With the growing demand for data analysts, it may seem that becoming a data analyst today is quite easy. However, is it easy to become a remote data analyst? The question remains and the answer is not typically a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’

If we consider the case of becoming a remote data analyst job, where you are experienced enough to work independently and have advanced expertise, a company would be willing to hire you. An organization looking for a data analyst when it finds that you have experience working as a data analyst within the market would be more confident about your independent work efficiency. However, for data science entry-level jobs, it might be difficult for companies to trust your skills and efficiency. They might need you to work with experienced ones and collaborate with the company more intricately. Hence, opportunities for entry-level data engineer jobs in a remote setting might be difficult to find. 

How to find a remote data analyst job?

There are various websites where different organizations post about job openings. You can find remote Data Analyst job positions listed on those websites. This would help you find better You just need to find the right places to apply for the job role to boost your success.  

It is important that you’re able to create a well-suited resume for the remote Data Analyst position. Even for data analyst entry-level jobs, you should have a well-made resume created with all your professional and educational qualifications listed along with your skills. Finally, for a remote data analyst position, it is important to market for your role and position. You should know how to pitch yourself while applying for a specific job in a specific company keeping in mind what the organization is looking for and what you have to offer. 

You may look for data analyst remote positions on the following websites: 

  • Indeed 
  • Glassdoor 
  • Big Data Jobs 
  • Data Jobs 
  • Flexjobs 

Key takeaways

Hence, with the growing market consisting of numerous opportunities for Data Analysts, finding yourself a suitable job in your preferred organization is important. You find your opportunities for working in a flexible work environment where you perform independently and self-paced. Remember that- you should have an exquisite portfolio ready that covers all your areas of skills and knowledge. Prior experience can be the cherry on the cake to convince employers of a remote data analyst job. 

To sum up!

Finding a remote data analyst job may seem to be easy considering the numerous market opportunities laid out for you. However, it is essential that before you apply for a position you have your skills developed and a portfolio ready to impress the employer. For those beginners, who want to pursue a career as a Data Analyst, Pickl can get you covered with their Online Data Science Course. You can gain your internship certificate with us along with job placement which can act as a sincere experience for your future endeavors. 


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