How to become a Data Scientist after 10th

How to become a Data Scientist after 10th?

Summary: Discover data science course after 10th pathway to becoming a Data Scientist after 10th grade through Pickl.AI’s structured courses. From learning essential skills like data wrangling to gaining practical experience and internships, teenagers can kickstart their careers in Data Science early. Prepare for a future in a rapidly growing field with comprehensive high school programmes.

Your Essential Guide On How To Become A Data Scientist After 10th

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Data Science is extracting data from large volumes of datasets and transforming them into meaningful insights for effective decision-making. The field is exponentially growing in the market, with millions of job opportunities in different job roles. Based on the lucrative opportunities, many of you aspire to become Data Science experts and want to learn Data Science.

With the demand for Data Science rising, students are willing to pursue it immediately after their 10th. There are various online Data Science courses that you can consider in Data Science after 10th, including those for teenagers. So, how do you become a Data Scientist after the 10th? Let’s find out from the blog!

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Steps to Become a Data Scientist

If you want to pursue a Data Science course after the 10th, you must know the steps to help you become a Data Scientist. Following is the Data Science Roadmap that you need to know:

Learn Data Wrangling, Data Visualisation and Reporting

Dealing with complex datasets requires learning the skill of Data Wrangling, which will help you clean, organise, and transform data into an understandable format. Using Python libraries like Pandas can help you better with this process. Additionally, presenting the data meaningfully and reporting it to the executives requires data visualisation and reporting skills.

Improve skills in Statistics, Math and Machine Learning

You do not need a degree in statistics or mathematics, but having a fundamental knowledge of linear algebra and probability is essential. For instance, calculus can help with optimising ML algorithms. Hence, developing your skills in these areas is critical.

Learn Coding

Programming language is one of the most crucial skills you need to learn Data Science after 10th. Accordingly, make sure that you have Python and R as part of your high-school course or online course in Data Science. It will help you work with large datasets better and more efficiently.

Understand Databases

SQL helps handle structured data, query databases, and preparing and experimenting with data. Accordingly, SQL is deployed alongside Python and its libraries, thus requiring you to develop your skills in using SQL.

Learn working with Big Data

To become a Data Scientist, working with large datasets is a given. From large datasets, experts can extract meaningful insights. Learning to use cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud can benefit your career as a Data Scientist.

Get Experience, Practice and Meet Fellow Data Scientists

Developing hands-on experience using different Data Science tools and applying your skills requires immense practice through projects and assignments. Participating in Data Science workshops can help you grow your skills effectively and meet fellow aspirants.

Take an Internship

To boost your skills and grasp market understanding in Data Science, immerse yourself in practical applications and glean insights from seasoned professionals. Real-world practice coupled with mentorship provides an invaluable foundation for skill development and market acumen, essential for success in the field.

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Engage with the Community

You need to engage with the various online Data Science communities, which provide their insights and share their experiences in Data Science. Engaging with the community will allow you to expand your knowledge and interact with fellow Data Scientists in the market.

Data Science Courses By Pickl.AI

One of the leading online platforms for Data Science courses is Pickl.AI. This online education platform allows you to become an industry expert through its courses, which help you learn from fundamental skills to advanced knowledge.

Pickl.AI offers Data Science courses, including Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and programming languages like Python, and help you become a professional in Data Science. Pickl.AI believes in practical and hands-on experience as the core principle for becoming an efficient Data Scientist.

Accordingly, you will work on real-life case studies through Capstone Projects and the Data Science Job Guarantee Program, exposing you to assessments. Pickl.AI will also offer you a one-month internship, which will help you gain real-world experience.

Additionally, Pickl.AI primarily targets Data Science courses for Teenagers and aspirants who want to pursue Data Science after the 10th grade. Significantly, the Data Science course lasts two months and has a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from Data Mindset to Machine Learning and Python.

Moreover, you need to know that this Data Science course for high school students mainly ensures that students develop foundational concepts from a young age.

Why Should Kids Learn Data Science?

Why Should Kids Learn Data Science?

You need to be aware of various advantages of the Data Science course, such as allowing your kids to enrol in the Data Science course after the 10th. Accordingly, the following are the advantages of becoming a Data Scientist:

Career Growth: A Data Science course can help teenagers start careers. Consequently, they can learn the basics of Data Science effectively, which will help their potential grow and stand against the competition.

Flexibility and Options: Many options are available to get certified in Data Science. You will always find work in this field. Consequently, the field’s flexibility enables you to choose a career in different fields. These fields may vary from healthcare to marketing. Data Science courses will help teenagers select their interests and find a suitable job.

Structured Program: Data Science for Teenagers is a course that includes a structured program. It allows kids to learn by watching videos and lectures. With practical demonstrations through videos, kids can better understand their lessons, and they will succeed in their courses.

Applying theory to Business problems: As kids opt for a Data Science course after 10th grade, they can learn various theoretical concepts. These will further help them apply their ideas to practical and real-life business problems, thus demonstrating their skills better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 10th pass become a Data Scientist?

You do not need to possess a degree to become a Data Scientist. However, you need to complete your 10+2 level of education with specialisation in different technical subjects. Furthermore, pursuing a Data Science course for teenagers might help you.

What is the minimum age for Data Scientists?

The minimum age to become a Data Scientist is 18, meaning you must have completed high school to get a job in the field.

Can an art student become a Data Scientist?

Yes, an arts student can become a Data Scientist if you pursue a certification course in Data Science. The course does not require you to have a technical background. However, pursuing a Data Science course online will only help you develop your skills.

What are the benefits of Data Science for students?

Data Science students can benefit from career growth, flexibility, and job role options. Additionally, you can learn Data Science tools, apply theory to business problems, and remain updated with the latest industry trends.

Which stream is best for Data Scientists after the 10th?

Data Scientists typically have a vital background education in Mathematics, statistics and computer science. Your background should include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), which is ideal.


Thus, a Data Science course for teenagers can significantly benefit their career growth as they learn Data Science concepts from high school. The blog explained why you should prepare for Data Science in high school. It will help you embark on a Data Science journey, expanding your skills and capabilities from a young age and, hence, shaping your career.


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