Are Data Science Bootcamps Worth It?

The modern world operates on large volumes of data and plays a significant role in formulating business strategies. Thus, Data Science has become an integral part of organisations. Today, various industries incorporate Big Data and Data Analytics into their business operations. From retailers to the healthcare sector, data analysis plays a significant role in their decision-making process. And so, it has propelled the application of Data Science across the business niche. Consequently, it has become a lucrative career opportunity. And with the host of short-term and full-time courses available, one has the choice to pick the right option to start their learning journey in the data domain.

Along the same line, Data Science Bootcamps have become quite popular. Data Science Bootcamp job guarantee editions, are becoming increasingly essential for aspirants in the field. But the question is, are Data Science Bootcamps worth the hype? Let’s find out.

What is a Data Science Bootcamp? 

Data Science Bootcamps are short educational programs which prepare graduate students for entry-level Data Scientist job profiles. These bootcamps generally range from three to six months. Accordingly, graduates participating in the Data Science Bootcamps learn technical skills like Data Visualisation, Programming, Statistical Analysis, Data Analysis, etc. Moreover, as a part of these bootcamps, you will learn various languages like Python, Python Libraries, Hadoop, R, SQL and Spark. Furthermore, you also get hands-on experience and learning through Data Science Bootcamps. 

Benefits of Data Science Bootcamps 

The core responsibilities of a Data Scientist is to spend time collecting, extracting, cleaning and analysing data to draw meaningful conclusions. Data Scientists use techniques like predictive analysis, decision trees to draw insights. Moreover, Data Science Bootcamps being short and intensive in their learning format, offers you various opportunities, thus making it more preferable to traditional programs. Here are some of the key benefits of the same: 

  • Learn New Programming Languages: These bootcamps cover different languages like Python, Pandas, Java, Scala, Hadoop, SQP, R, etc. 
  • Acquire Data Skills: You learn about collecting, analysing, cleaning and modelling data using different techniques. 
  • Expertise in Different Techniques: Techniques like Predictive Analysis, and Machine Learning are the areas you get hands-on learning. 
  • Networking Opportunity: Data Science Bootcamps allow you to create and develop your network in the industry. You can learn from top Data Scientists, interact with leading tech companies and expand your professional network.
  • Get Job-ready: Being a short-term course, it allows you to build your skills and become job ready faster.

Data Science online bootcamp

How to become a Data Scientist? 

From programming to data analysis, you must acquire various skills to become a Data Scientist. Here are some steps to help you through your career. 

  • Earn a Certification: The first step is to enrol with a professional online Data Science course or you can find a bootcamp to give you the right learning opportunity.
  • Learn a Programming language: Having expertise in the programming language is yet another significant step. Python is one of the most recognised ones. So, you can look for a Python programming language course.
  • Sharpen Your Skills: If you’re from a technical background, you should further hone your technical skills in Data Analysis or Predictive Analysis. But, if you are from a non-technical background, enrol in a Data Science Bootcamp or certification course. This will help you gain expertise in using the data tools and techniques.
  • Work on Industry Projects: You must engage in industry-relevant projects that provide hands-on experience. Pickl.AI offers Advanced Data Science with Capstone Project, which helps you work on industry-relevant case studies. Moreover, you can build your portfolio using Github. By including industry-relevant projects you can stand out in the competitive market.
  • Entry-level jobs or internships: The final stage requires your interview skills to be on point, so you can start looking for entry-level jobs or internships. Data Science Bootcamps allow you to prepare for entry-level positions; you can always opt for internship opportunities to learn from senior Data Scientists. Pickl.AI’s courses like the Advanced Data Science with Capstone Project or Data Science Job Guarantee Program offer you a one-month internship opportunity after completing the course. Significantly, this can be a huge opportunity to have industry experience and acquire higher-level jobs in the future.

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How much does a Data Science Bootcamp cost? 

The cost of Data Science Bootcamps varies from one institute to another in terms of the online or offline program. The Data Science Bootcamps’ cost may vary based on the platform that is running this program. Hence, it is important that you must first explore the content of the course, its objective and its perks before signing up for any such program.


What will a Data Science Bootcamp teach you? 

Answer: A Data Science Bootcamp will teach you about various data skills and functions, including Data Analysis, Data Cleaning, Data Ethics and Data Visualisation. Moreover, you will learn about techniques like predictive analysis, Machine Learning and prescriptive analysis, among many others.

Can you become a Data Scientist with just a Bootcamp? 

A Data Science Bootcamp is the best way to help you get training on various Data Science skills and techniques. From conceptual knowledge to hands-on training, bootcamps offer you a perfect learning platform to embark on your Data Science journey. 

How helpful are these bootcamps in finding a job? 

Data Science Bootcamps of three to six months offers an immersive learning program and hands-on experience. You can easily earn internships and entry-level job opportunities after successfully completing the Data Science Bootcamp.

What skills do you learn from this bootcamp? 

You can learn various skills from a Data Science Bootcamp. This can include programming languages like Python, R, SQL, Java, Tableau, Machine Learning, and others. Significantly, In addition, Data Science Bootcamps are an interactive learning program which helps you collaborate with practising Data Scientists and create a network that can work well with your professional portfolios.

Wrapping Up! 

Hence, to answer the question- Are Data Science Bootcamps Worth It? Definitely yes. You can expect a holistic and practical experience with industry-relevant projects through Data Science Bootcamps. Moreover, you also get to expand your professional network through these bootcamps. Thus, making it easy for you to start your professional journey.

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