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Course Overview

Python is one of the most recognized industry courses. This programming language finds multiple applications. And hence if you are looking to become a python programmer, joining the Python certification course online will be the best move to make. Pickl.AI welcomes you to join the best Python training course online. This course has been curated under the supervision and guidance of Python programmers who have years of experience.

This is a comprehensive curriculum that has been subdivided into different modules covering all the core aspects of Python and also includes some of the key python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

Experienced Python programmers helm the course with expertise in teaching and training Python. Pickl.AI is also working with Data Science professionals in creating or developing a data mindset course. The Python online classes certification is interactive, thus providing the students ample opportunity to practise. In order to promote this, Pickl.AI's python certification training online also has live projects and case studies. Thus, it lets you test your skills.

The course is available online and can be accessed from anywhere worldwide. The python online course certification is a self-paced course allowing the students to access the course materials as and when they have time. Here is the overview of the Python complete course with a certificate.

Python Certification Course Key Features

Learn from the industry-experts

Comprehensive learning modules

Complete support and assistance

A complete immersive learning experience

Program Fees


Plus applicable taxes

The course structure for the Python Certification Course

Unit 1- Introduction to Python

  • Python for Data Science
  • Introduction of IDE

Unit 2 - Introduction to Basics of Python

  • Python Variable and Data Types
  • Python Tokens
  • Python Operators hands-on
  • Python Literals hands-on
  • Python Loops
  • Python Conditional statements
  • Control Flow Statements and Loops - hands-on

Unit 3 - Introduction to Python Data Structures

  • List
  • Lists hands-on
  • Tuples
  • Tuples hands-on
  • Set
  • sets hands-on
  • Dictionary
  • Dictionaries - hands-on

Unit 4 - Introduction to Python Strings

  • String Introduction
  • String Indexing and Slicing
  • String Methods and Operators
  • String Formatting
  • Python Strings Hands-on

Unit 5 - Introduction to Python List & Dictionary Comprehension

  • List Comprehension
  • Dictionary Comprehension
  • Python List & Dictionary Comprehension hands-on

Unit 6 - Introduction to Python Functions

  • Function Anatomy
  • Function Arguments
  • Generator Function
  • Lambda Function
  • Functions Hands-On

Unit 7 - Introduction to Python OOPS

  • OOPS Intuition
  • OOPS Anatomy
  • OOPS Pillars - Encapsulation _ Abstraction
  • OOPS Pillars - Inheritance _ Polymorphism
  • OOPS Hands On

Unit 8 - Introduction to Python File handling

  • Working with Files
  • File Handling Hands On

Unit 9 - Introduction to Python Exception handling

  • Exception handling
  • Try and Except
  • Raise Exceptions & Assertion Error
  • Python Exception Handling Hands-On 1
  • Python Exception Handling Hands-On 2

Unit 10 - Introduction to Python Numpy

  • Numpy Introduction
  • Python Numpy - Array Construction - Part 1 Hands-On
  • Python Numpy - Array Construction - Part 2 Hands-On
  • Python Numpy - Reshaping Arrays Hands On
  • Python Numpy - Array Broadcasting Hands On
  • Python Numpy - Statistical Functions Hands On
  • Python Numpy - Array Indexing Hands On
  • Python Numpy - Array Slicing Hands On
  • Python Numpy - Join & Split Arrays Hands On
  • Python Numpy - Adding + Removing + Sorting Hands On

Unit 11 - Introduction to Python Pandas

  • Pandas Introduction
  • Python Pandas - Series
  • Python Pandas - DataFrame
  • Python Pandas - Indexing & Slicing using loc & iat - Part 1
  • Python Pandas - Indexing & Slicing using loc & iat - Part 2
  • Python Pandas - Indexing & Slicing using iloc - Hands On
  • Python Pandas - Concat Hands On
  • Python Pandas - Grouping and aggregating data - part 1 Hands-On
  • Python Pandas - Grouping and aggregating data - part 2 - Hands-On
  • Python Pandas - Stack - Unstack - melt Hands On
  • Python Pandas - pivot tables Hands-On
  • Python Pandas - Cleaning data with Missing Values - Hands On
  • Python Pandas - Joins Hand-On Part 1
  • Python Pandas - Joins Hands-On Part 2
  • Python Pandas - iterrows & itertuples - Hands On
  • Python Pandas - String Manipulation - Hands On

Unit 12 - Introduction to Visualization

  • Python Visualization libraries introduction
  • Python Visualization - Matplotlib Hands-On
  • Python Visualization - Seaborn Hands-On
  • Python Visualization - Plotly Hands-On

Unit 13 - Installation of VS Code

Why Join The Python Certification Course?

Python forms the underlying framework of several applications, inclusive Data Science. Since data science will be the cornerstone for new transformation, having expertise in Python will give your carrier the right boost. The Python certification course teaches you programming, coding, and debugging. All this will eventually help you in your learning journey of Data Science is easy and simplified.

Here is why you should join Pickl.AI’s Python certification course

  • Learn from the best professionals live projects
  • Case studies and new program development from scratch
  • Complete assistance and support throughout the program

Take a Big Leap With Python Certification Course

Pickl.AI has always emphasised creating a course that can benefit you as a learner. Whether you are a fresher or an enthusiast willing to explore the Data Science domain, this certification course will help you have a strong knowledge base.

Connect with us today if you want to excel as a Python programmer.

Python Certification Course - FAQs

Python programming course provides you with all the knowledge and expertise that will help you learn Python and implement the concepts effectively. Besides, you will be able to create your Python program.

Pickl.AI offers the best python courses & certifications. It is one of the preferable learning platforms for beginners. Python offers:

  • Best learning experience
  • The assistance of industry experts
  • Python programmers head the program
  • Live projects to test your learning status
  • Constant support and assistance for doubt clarification

Python certification is a program to provide a comprehensive learning experience to individuals looking for expertise in Python. Pickl.AI offers the best python certification course online for beginners. With this course, you will learn about all the core concepts of Python, along with programming and debugging.

You can easily join the Python certification course online. Pickl.AI offers an easy-to-learn Python certification course that incorporates all the popular tools and libraries of Python. In addition, you will also learn about the application of different tools to create the desired program.

With the introduction of several online courses by different platforms, gaining certification in Python has become easier. Several online platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Coding Ninjas, Pickl.AI provide online certification courses specialising in Python.

You can get Python certification by enrolling yourself in different courses. Several courses provide certification for Python like Python for Everybody Specialisation from the University of Michigan by Coursera; Learn Immedia Python by Udacity, Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3 by Udemy; Data Science Course for Professionals by Pickl.AI.

Python certification costs on an average around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 in the IT World in India while the average cost for basics in Python would cost around Rs. 10-15,000.

The worthiness of the Python certification in today’s IT world is understood with the fact that it allows further professional development of the individual and helps in developing advanced skills and expertise to work in the sector.

Yes, online python certification provided by Coursera, Udemy, Code Academy are some of the courses where you can enrol for free.

Which is the best site to learn python online with certification?

Some of the best sites to learn Python online with certification would be Upgrad, Coursera, Edubridge, Pickl.AI and Udemy. These have remained the best courses in the market where students are able to learn Python and receive certification online.

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