How to learn Machine Learning for free?

How to learn Machine Learning for free?

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Summary: Machine Learning skills are within reach! Utilize free online courses, tutorials, and communities to embark on your learning journey. Practice consistently, experiment with your knowledge, and connect with other learners to master this powerful field.

Meta Description: Unleash the power of Machine Learning without breaking the bank! Explore free online resources, practice exercises, and communities to start your Machine Learning journey today.


Machine Learning is one of the transforming technologies that has had a ripple effect across the industry domain. ML forms the underlying platform for several new developments. Hence, it has also triggered the demand for ML experts.

Acquiring Machine Learning skills can have a catalytic impact on your professional growth. However, if you are new to the tech domain and want to learn Machine Learning for free, then in this blog, we will take you through the 3 best options to start your ML learning journey.

Why pursue a career in the ML domain?

  1. A lucrative career opportunity in terms of career growth and salary
  2. ML has become integral for several new developments
  3. The average salary of a Machine Learning expert in India varies between ₹ 3.7 Lakhs to ₹ 28.4 Lakhs (based on experience).
  4. There are a growing number of institutes offering Machine Learning Courses for free
  5. Even professionals from different niches can transition into the ML domain

How to Learn Machine Learning?

How to Learn Machine Learning?

Any individual who wishes to start their learning journey in Machine Learning can enrol in the ML course. These online courses simplify the learning curve by offering flexibility. However, before starting, here is certain pre-requisites:

Start With the Basics

To start your Machine Learning journey, it is important to be familiar with the fundamental concepts of Machine Learning. Expertise in algebra, calculus and statistics is a must. This makes it easier for you to understand the algorithm and the different techniques used in Machine Learning.

Programming Language

As a Machine Learning professional, having knowledge of coding in different programming languages can be an added advantage. You can choose between Python or R programming languages.

Explore Online Resources

While there are several e-learning platforms providing Machine Learning courses, there are many that offer these programmes for free. So, for beginners who want to gain insight into Machine Learning concepts, enrolling in these online programs can be a good start.

Practice with Datasets

In addition to mastering Machine Learning concepts, practicing what you have learned is significant. You can take the data sets available and start preparing the projects on the same. This will eventually help you build up your portfolio.

Join Communities

Networking is also important in making your transition to Machine Learning easier. Being a part of an online community is like Reddit or GitHub where you can get a sneak peek into the latest development in the Machine Learning domain.

Choosing the Right Learning Platform

While we have discussed the important steps that you need to take to start your Machine Learning journey, it is equally significant to register on a credible platform. Here we will be highlighting 3 such platforms where you can access Machine Learning courses:

Unsupervised Learning Course by Coursera in Collaboration with IBM

It is one of the most recognized Machine Learning courses focusing on Unsupervised Learning. As a part of this course, you will learn how to draw insights from the data sets. Moreover, you will learn how to use clustering and dimensionality reduction algorithms. This course is useful for Data Scientists who are keen to expand their expertise in ML.

Skill Level – Data Scientists

Course Content

  •   Introduction to Unsupervised Learning and K Means
  •   Distance Metrics & Computational Hurdles
  •   Selecting a Clustering Algorithm
  •   Dimensionality Reduction
  •   Nonlinear and Distance-Based Dimensionality Reduction
  •   Matrix Factorization
  •   Final Project

ML 10 1 by Pick.AI

Anyone planning to build a career in the tech domain and wanting to explore more about Machine Learning concepts can enroll in this Machine Learning course for free. The course is provided by Pickl.AI powered by TransOrg Analytics.

This e-learning module has been curated to give you a comprehensive overview of the concepts of Machine Learning and its application. The course is suitable any individual who wishes to learn more about Machine Learning and allied concepts.

Skill Level – Anyone who wants to learn Machine Learning

Course Content

  •   Feature Selection
  •   How does a model learn?
  •   Measuring Performance
  •   Model Performance
  •   Bias-Variance
  •   Visualisation
  •   Feature Engg Demo
  •   Feature Scaling

Introduction to Machine Learning with R by Simplilearn

This is a new introduction to the Machine Learning domain, but the course has received accolades from the learners. As a part of this course, you will learn about programming languages like R, SVM, decision trees, random forests and other concepts of ML.

Skill Level – Beginner

Course Content

  •   Introduction to Unsupervised Learning and K Means
  •   Selecting a clustering algorithm
  •   Dimensionality Reduction

This brief discussion on Machine Learning courses, its growth and how you can excel in this domain would have thrown light on how this technology is expanding. If you want to explore more about the prospects of Machine Learning, connect with Pickl.AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Machine Learning Course Fees?

There are several online and offline platforms offering Machine Learning courses. The fees for the same may vary based on the curriculum and the duration of the programme.

However, if You Are a beginner in this domain and want to acquire fundamental expertise in Machine Learning concepts, then you can join the ML 101 by Pickl.AI.

Is ML Coding Hard?

Having coding expertise for Machine Learning is a debatable topic. However, a basic understanding of programming can help you optimise the algorithm. Thus, simplifying your learning curve.

What Are The Job Responsibilities of an ML Engineer?

Some of the key job responsibilities of an ML Engineer include the following:

  1. Transforming Data Science prototype
  2. Designing ML system implementation on of ML algorithm
  3. Choosing the right datasets and representation models
  4. Running ML testing


The world of Machine Learning is surprisingly accessible, even for those on a budget. By leveraging free online resources and cultivating a self-directed approach, you can embark on a rewarding learning journey.

Numerous platforms offer excellent courses, tutorials, and documentation, often accompanied by hands-on exercises. Remember, consistent practice is key. Engage with online communities and forums to connect with other learners and experts, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your newfound knowledge.

 With dedication and the abundance of free resources available, you can unlock the power of Machine Learning and open doors to exciting new opportunities.



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