How is job guarantee programs helping women post sabbatical

How Are Job Guarantee Programs Helping Women Post Sabbatical?

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One of the common questions that most of the women face is how will they make a comeback after a sabbatical. There can be innumerable reasons accounting for the same. As compared to the earlier times, women are now closing the gap, and are making a remarkable comeback in their professional life. Amongst the several reasons and factors contributing for the same, job guarantee programs are playing a pivotal role. 

Some of the key stats that will support this are: 

  • 45.9 per cent of all enrolled undergraduate students are women
  • Amongst the students enrolled for the PhD programmes, 40.5 per cent are women
  • In the labour force participation, the percentage of women participation has increased to 32.8% in 2021-22

To increase the women participation in the workforce of India, several platforms are now coming with the job guarantee programs.  Restarting career after break in India can be challenging, but with the Data Science Job Guarantee Program, one can easily kickstart their professional journey. 

Job guarantee programs are proving to be highly beneficial for women returning to the workforce after a sabbatical. These programs aim to provide employment opportunities and support to individuals who have taken a career break, including women who have taken time off for various reasons such as maternity leave or caregiving responsibilities. 

How Women Can Resume Career After a Break ? 

Here are some ways in which job guarantee programs are helping women post sabbatical: 

  • Bridging The Employment Gap:

Taking a sabbatical often results in an employment gap on a woman’s resume. Job guarantee programs offer a pathway to Career Returning for Women by providing them with job opportunities that acknowledge and accommodate their career break. This helps bridge the gap in their employment history, making it easier for women to find suitable employment. 

  • Skill Enhancement and Training:

Many job guarantee programs offer skill enhancement and training opportunities to individuals. For women who have been out of the workforce for some time, these programs provide a chance to update their skills, learn new technologies, and acquire relevant knowledge. This helps them regain confidence in their abilities and ensures they are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in the modern job market. 

  • Supportive Work Environments:

Job guarantee programs often prioritize creating supportive work environments that understand the challenges women may face after a sabbatical. These programs aim to foster inclusive workplaces that accommodate flexible schedules, promote work-life balance, and provide mentorship or support networks. Such environments help women transition back into work more smoothly and offer the necessary support to balance their personal and professional responsibilities. 

  • Building Professional Networks: 

Career breaks can sometimes lead to a loss of professional connections and networks. Job guarantee programs often facilitate networking opportunities through events, workshops, or mentorship programs. These initiatives enable women to rebuild and expand their professional networks, which can be crucial for career advancement and accessing future opportunities. 

  • Overcoming Biases and Stereotypes:

Women returning from a sabbatical often face biases and stereotypes in the hiring process. Job guarantee programs can help counteract these biases by offering inclusive recruitment practices, ensuring fair evaluations, and promoting diversity and gender equality in the workplace. By actively addressing these biases, these programs create a more level playing field for women seeking re-entry into the workforce. 

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Job guarantee programs are playing a vital role in supporting women post sabbatical by providing tailored employment opportunities, skill enhancement, supportive environments, networking opportunities, and combating biases. These initiatives aim to empower women, reduce gender gaps in employment, and create a more inclusive and diverse workforce. 

What Are The Different Job Guarantee Program One Can Pursue? 

here are different types of job guarantee programs that exist, each with its own specific features and objectives. Here are a few examples: 

Women Post Sabbatical

  • Government-sponsored Job Guarantee Programs 

These programs are initiated and funded by governments with the goal of ensuring employment opportunities for all citizens. The government guarantees a job to any individual who is willing and able to work but is unable to find employment in the private sector. The jobs offered typically focus on areas that address public and community needs, such as infrastructure development, environmental conservation, healthcare, education, and social services. 

Some of the Schemes Started by The Government of India:

  1. National Career Service (NCS) Project
  2. Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM)
  3. Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP)
  4. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)
  5. National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) 
  • Industry-specific Job Guarantee Programs

Some industries or sectors implement job guarantee programs to address skill shortages or provide employment opportunities to specific groups of individuals. These programs often involve partnerships between industry stakeholders, educational institutions, and government bodies. 

They aim to provide training, apprenticeships, or direct employment in the targeted industry to individuals who meet the program’s criteria. Several online learning platforms offering job guarantee courses that are helping women make a strong comeback in the professional world. 

Some of the Popular Platforms Offering Job Guarantee Program Helping Women Post Sabbatical are:

  1. Pickl.AI
  2. Udemy
  3. Simplilearn 
  • Returnship Programs 

Returnship programs are specifically designed to assist individuals, often women, who have taken a career break and are looking to return to the workforce. These programs typically offer short-term paid positions or internships that provide the opportunity to refresh skills, gain new experiences, and rebuild professional networks. Returnship programs often have support systems in place, such as mentoring, training, and flexible work arrangements, to facilitate a successful transition back into the workforce. 

Best jobs for Women on career break

  1. Accenture Career Reboot Program
  2. Deloitte Encore Program
  3. Barclays India Return to Work 
  • Skill Development and Retraining Initiatives

Some job guarantee programs focus on providing training and skill development opportunities to individuals who require upskilling or retraining to enhance their employability. These programs often collaborate with educational institutions or training centers to offer courses, certifications, or vocational training in high-demand industries. The goal is to equip individuals with relevant skills and improve their chances of securing employment. 

It’s important to note that the specific features and availability of job guarantee programs may vary depending on the country, region, or organization implementing them. These programs aim to address unemployment, skill gaps, and societal needs while providing individuals with opportunities for meaningful employment. 

What’s Next?

So, for women who have taken a sabbatical, or someone who is willing to make a comeback in their career, these job guarantee programs can prove to be a strong foundation stone. With the expertise and experience, individuals gain post the completion of these program, will help them start their career with greater strength, enthusiasm and fervor. 

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