Top AI Startups in India

Top AI Startups in India

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the most efficient technologies for business organizations within the last few years. Accordingly, AI has become one of the leading technologies for Startups in India to cater to the end customers in the market. In the last few years, entrepreneurship has gained immense traction, enabling them to exploit opportunities in the market. With the coming up of some of the top AI startups in India, different sectors have become immensely competitive. According to the Ministry of Commerce, the number of startups in India has grown from 471 in 2016 to 72,993 in 2022. It implies that startups have increased by 15,400% in India, amongst which 4,500 leverage AI-powered technologies. 

In this blog, you will find some of the top startups in India that have been changing the face of AI, focusing on some promising AI companies in India. 

List of AI Startups in India 

  • AgNext Technologies 

AgNext Technologies

AgNext Technologies is an AI-based startup providing solutions to the global agricultural value chain by leveraging AI technologies. AI technologies facilitate enduring quality-based assessments of the value chain. Effectively, AgNext Technologies manages the agricultural procurements throughout the value chain. Accordingly, the clients of the AI startup in India can address quality-based inefficiencies in the industry. 



Artivatic.AI aims to build advanced insurance products and solutions for simplifying risk assessment, process automation and digitalisation to enable access to insurance. Significantly, by leveraging technologies like deep learning and proprietary algorithms for analytics, provides high efficiency and transparency for an entire lifecycle of operations. 



One of the growing AI companies in India,, deploys Deep Learning solutions for the BFSI sector. As a result, the AI start startup in India has generated a high source of revenue and a customer base over the last nine years. With its efficient and compact team of highly skilled professionals, launched its meta framework on TensorFlow in 2015. 


Beatoven ai

Content creation is one of millennials’ most popular ways of generating revenue today. Effectively, is the one-stop solution for content creators to solve the issue of music acquisition and licensing issues. As one of the top brands in the list of AI startups in India, aims to imbibe the culture of music into one platform and empower creators to have easy accessibility to music. Moreover, content creators usually face issues with copyright claims for using themes for their content in media of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Accordingly, provides efficient solutions for using creative tools to access royalty-free music and create viral content. 

  • Bert Labs Pvt. Ltd 

Bert Labs Pvt. Ltd 

Bert Labs Pvt Ltd is one of the Top AI Startups in India, established in 2017 by Rohit Kochar. The business provides customers with technological solutions for building applications by combining software and hardware systems and leveraging AI and the Internet of Things. Effectively, focusing on the need to conserve energy in a world suffering from a climate crisis, using these products will help ensure energy efficiency. Accordingly,  products cater to real-time computation and control while storing big data and transmission. 



Finding life partners was never more accessible until came up with its platform offering a secure place to find a compatible partner. The online platform helps you connect with like-minded people of your choice with whom you may test your compatibility at your own pace. Additionally, you can find the right partner for you without your parents’ direct involvement. Therefore, uses Artificial Intelligence to connect personalities based on their likes and dislikes and their level of compatibility. 

  • Co Rover 

Co Rover

CoRover was established as a conversational AI platform in 2016 and is one of the top AI startups in India. Effectively, CoRover aims to enable users comfortably talk with an AI chatbot in the same way you speak to an intelligent person. Accordingly, the company’s clients can utilise the services of CoRover by instilling the Chatbot as a tool in their website. Moreover, it allows the clients’ customers to quickly resolve their queries and issues. As a result, it helps enterprises generate high revenue, save costs, and improve customer experiences. 



  • Crux Intelligence 

Crux Intelligence

Crux is an online platform that provides efficient AI-based solutions for its clients in rapidly transforming data into valuable information. Traditional business intelligence processes and dashboards take a long time to improve. Significantly, the development and launch of Crux in the market ensure that businesses get integrated insights from distinguished information. Furthermore, it allows you to acquire quick insights with the help of simple visualization. 

  • Doxper 


The platform of Doxper supports doctors, hospitals and patients in maintaining Digital Tracking records of patients, reminders and schedules. Accordingly, with the help of a digitised health system, Doxper makes data storage and recovery highly flexible. Additionally, it automates the patients’ trailers and data transcripts effectively using Artificial Intelligence. 


  • My Ally 

My Ally 

Recruitment and hiring are crucial for business organizations to carry out their operations efficiently. The need for skilled professionals allows organizations to implement their business strategies and enhance their efficiency in the market. My Ally is a modern-day AI platform enabling you to improve your recruitment processes. It uses an AI assistant Alex for scheduling and coordination for the organization allowing the teams to perform complex tasks. 

Wrapping Up!

Hence, above mentioned list of AI startups in India has been working vehemently to change the face of AI in the country. Using Artificial Intelligence, the top AI startups in India are contributing towards making business operations easier and enhancing customer experiences. Indeed, these companies will need to constantly improve their technologies and platforms to ensure high-quality solutions for their clients. Thus, these AI companies in India have the power to make changes and transform society in a more technologically advanced area.


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