13 Must Follow Best YouTube Channels for Data Science

13 Must Follow Best YouTube Channels for Data Science

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Learning Data Science from YouTube is a flexible, cost-effective, and accessible way to gain knowledge and skills in this rapidly growing field. It empowers individuals to take control of their learning journey and stay updated with the latest advancements, making it a beneficial choice for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Data Science, one of the most talked about topics, has been garnering a lot of attention these days. Individuals who want to explore more about Data Science and its critical applications have ample resources to access.

As a student, I was looking for the best way to enhance my knowledge in this domain. But, hailing from a non-technical background always demotivated me. However, while surfing through my YouTube playlist, I stumbled upon a channel that was highlighting Data Science.

This generated an interest and inquisitiveness in me. I wanted to know if YouTube could be my knowledge repository to learn more about Data Science.

Top Data Science YouTubers 

Top Data Science YouTubers

1. Data School by Kevin Markham

Category: Tutorials and Python Programming

Subscribers: 216K

Link to the Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@dataschool

It is a treasure trove of Data Science tutorials. With a primary focus on Python, this channel offers in-depth insights into various Data Science concepts, data visualization, and Machine Learning. Kevin’s lucid explanations and practical examples make complex topics easily digestible.

So, I started my hunt for the top Data Science YouTubers and ended up creating the best Data Science playlist on YouTube. If you too are a curious soul like me and want to explore more about Data Science, this blog will be helpful for you.

2. StatQuest with Josh Starmer

Category: Statistics and Machine Learning Demystified

Subscribers: 1.02 million

Link to the Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@statquest

Josh Starmer’s StatQuest is a game-changer for anyone struggling with statistics. The channel breaks down the key concepts of statistics and Machine learning into simplified modules that make learning easy. Moreover, his knack for simplifying complex statistical concepts with informative visuals and analogies will leave you with a profound understanding of the subject.

3. Freecodecamp

Category: Data Science

Subscribers: 8.35 million

Link to the Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@freecodecamp

If you are creating the best Data Science playlist on YouTube, don’t miss out on this channel. This is led by a community of Data Scientists who continuously share their insights and inputs on several topics of Data Science. Some of the key discussions include Machine Learning, Data visualization, Web development, and more. As a Data Scientist, being a part of an active Data Science community is paramount. And this channel can be the best way to join the league of Data Science enthusiasts.

4. Two Minute Papers

Category: AI Research Papers Explained

Subscribers: 1.5 million

Link to the Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@TwoMinutePapers

Stay abreast of the latest AI research and developments with Two Minute Papers. This channel summarizes complex AI research papers in an easy-to-understand manner, helping you keep up with cutting-edge advancements.

5. Siraj Raval

Category: AI and Machine Learning

Subscribers: 759K

Link to the Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@SirajRaval

Siraj Raval is a charismatic educator who makes AI and machine learning concepts fun and accessible. He is on a mission to spread data literacy. Through his YouTube channel, he regularly updates new developments in the domain of AI and Machine Learning. 

As a Data Science enthusiast, I love the way he explains even complex topics and the hands-on coding tutorials have helped me unlock the complexities. Through his videos, you will gain practical skills in these domains.

6. Sentdex by Harrison

Category: Python for Machine Learning

Subscribers: 1.27 million

Link to The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@sentdex

This channel is your one-stop shop for Python programming in the context of Machine Learning. His tutorials are informative and meticulously structured, making it easier to grasp the intricacies of programming in Python.

7. Corey Schafer

Category: Programming and Web Development

Subscribers: 1.22 million

Link to The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@coreyms

Corey Schafer’s channel is not exclusive to Data Science, but it’s a goldmine for those looking to enhance their programming skills. The channel has tutorials and walkthroughs for software developers, programmers, and engineers. With detailed guides on Python and web development, it’s a valuable resource for Data Science professionals working on data-driven web applications.

8. Deeplizard

Category: Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Subscribers: 140K

Link to The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@deeplizard

Deep learning can be daunting, but Deeplizard simplifies it for you. Hosted by Joseph, this channel offers comprehensive explanations, coding tutorials, and a deep dive into neural networks.

9. Code Bullet

Category: Game Development and AI

Subscribers:3.04 million

Link to The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@CodeBullet

Dive into the world of AI in game development with Code Bullet. It’s a unique channel that combines entertainment and education, making AI concepts accessible through gaming examples.

10. Machine Learning TV

Category: Machine Learning Tutorials

Subscribers: 34.5K

Link to The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@MachineLearningTV

Machine Learning TV provides extensive tutorials on Machine Learning, including discussions on various algorithms, model development, and real-world applications.

11. Lex Fridman

Category: AI and Autonomous Systems

Subscribers: 3.32 million

Link to The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@lexfridman

Lex Fridman’s channel is renowned for his captivating interviews with thought leaders in the AI and autonomous systems space. Gain insights from experts in the field and stay updated on the latest trends.

12. Kaggle

Category: Data Science Competitions and Insights

Subscribers: 135K

Link to The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@kaggle

Kaggle is a well-known platform for Data Science competitions. Their YouTube channel features competitions, tips, and insights that are invaluable for aspiring Data Scientists.

13. The Coding Train

Category: Creative Coding and p5.js

Subscribers: 1.63 million

Link to The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@TheCodingTrain

Daniel Shiffman’s Coding Train is an excellent resource for creative coding and using p5.js. It’s perfect for Data Scientists interested in data visualization and creative applications.

14. Data Professor

Category: Data Science and Python

Subscribers: 167K

Link to The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@DataProfessor

Data Professor, hosted by Chanin Nantasenamat, offers practical Data Science tutorials and Python programming guides with a focus on real-world applications.

Learning Data Science from YouTube offers several significant benefits


One of the key reasons for the success and growing popularity of Data Science YouTubers is the accessibility of the video content. 

YouTube is a free platform that allows anyone with an internet connection to access a wealth of Data Science resources. This accessibility eliminates financial barriers that may exist with traditional education or paid courses.

Variety of Content

YouTube hosts a vast variety of Data Science channels and creators, each with a unique teaching style and approach. This diversity allows learners to choose the content that best aligns with their preferences and learning needs.

Practical Demonstrations

Many Data Science YouTube channels provide practical, hands-on demonstrations. These real-world examples help learners understand how to apply Data Science concepts to solve practical problems.

Updated Content

Data Science is a rapidly evolving field. YouTube creators often release updated content to keep viewers informed about the latest tools, techniques, and industry trends. This is also a great way to enhance the knowledge base.

Interactive Learning

YouTube offers a more interactive learning experience compared to traditional text-based resources. Viewers can engage with content through comments, questions, and discussions, fostering a sense of community and shared learning. Moreover, many YouTubers also go live and discuss in an open forum, which again becomes a great way to interact with them and gain more insights.

Self-paced Learning

YouTube’s on-demand nature allows learners to progress at their own pace. They can rewind, pause, or fast-forward through videos to revisit challenging topics or explore new ones.


Visual Learning

Data Science often involves complex data analysis and visualization. YouTube’s visual format is ideal for conveying these concepts effectively. Visual aids, diagrams, and charts can enhance the learning experience.


Many Data Science YouTube channels offer high-quality educational content for free, eliminating the need for costly textbooks or courses. This cost-efficiency is particularly appealing to self-learners or those on a tight budget.

Global Perspective

YouTube provides access to Data Science enthusiasts and experts from around the world. Learners can benefit from a diverse range of perspectives and approaches to problem-solving.

Community and Networking

YouTube communities centered around Data Science offer opportunities to connect with fellow learners, ask questions, and collaborate on projects. This can lead to valuable networking and career opportunities.

Skill Development

Aspiring Data Scientists can acquire valuable skills in programming, statistics, machine learning, and data analysis through YouTube tutorials. These skills are highly sought after in today’s job market.

Preparation for Formal Education

YouTube can serve as a stepping stone for those considering formal education in Data Science. It provides a foundational understanding of the field and helps learners decide if they want to pursue further studies.

Supplemental Learning

Even for individuals enrolled in formal Data Science programs, YouTube can be a valuable supplementary resource. It can provide alternative explanations and additional examples to reinforce classroom learning.

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the key benefits of following the best Data Science YouTube channels. Learning has become more accessible with the search of such forums. Hence, individuals who want to make a career as a Data Scientist should not miss out on subscribing to the top Data Science YouTube Channels.

In addition to this, rolling for a professional program in Data Science is also paramount. Pickl.AI offers a comprehensive learning form wherein one can opt from the host of Data Science courses. The platform offers a Foundation Course in Data Science and also the Data Science Job Guarantee Program for Professionals.

Based on your expertise and knowledge, you can enroll on the dedicated program and start your learning journey today.


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