Best Data Science Courses For Working Professionals

9 Best Data Science Programs For Working Professionals

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In the competitive times like today, working professionals should always look for upskilling themselves. However, career expansion becomes challenging. After working for certain years, the professional journey becomes stagnant. And so, it is vital to take the next step in the direction that gives you futuristic growth. Hence, upskilling oneself becomes paramount. Due to the growing application of Data Science in different industries, companies are now looking forward to hiring individuals and training their employees on newer technologies that can eventually help the organization attain its goals. And so, Data Science courses for working professionals have become a prominent choice for working professionals to upgrade their knowledge base. If you are also looking for Data Science professional certification, this write-up will be helpful for you. 

Best Data Science courses for working professionals

1. Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University by Coursera

This Data Science course is highly acclaimed and is considered to be the best for working professionals as it covers a range of topics in Data Science. The course is structured in a sequence, and upon completion of the entire courses, students get a specialization certificate. This particular skill will help you upskill yourself and gain professional excellence.

Course Overview:

  • The Data Scientist’s toolbox
  • R programming
  • Obtaining data and data cleansing
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Reproducible research
  • Statistical inference
  • Regression models
  • Practical Machine Learning
  • Developing data products

As a part of this course, the students will have the opportunity to work on hands-on projects, which will help them apply their learnings. After the completion of the course, they can perform data analysis and build products using R.

 Course Eligibility

Anybody who is willing to expand their knowledge in data science can enroll for this program. But some programming experience is beneficial. Knowledge about mathematics and calculus will be helpful.

2. Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp by Udemy

Working professionals can also benefit from the Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp by Udemy. This Data Science professional certificate program is industry-recognized and incorporates all the fundamentals of Data Science along with Machine Learning and its practical applications. 

Course Overview

  • Learn Python programming via practical projects
  • Application of Data Science algorithms to analyze data in real-world projects like spam classification and image recognition
  • Building a strong portfolio of Data Science projects, thereby helping in better placements and job growth
  • Data Science tools like Tensorflow, Matplotlib, Numpy, and many more
  • Work on creating neural networks and understand how to use them for Deep learning
  • Application of data visualization techniques on larger data sets 

Course Eligibility

Any individual can opt for this program; no prior programming experience is required. No knowledge of calculus or statistics

3. Data Science and Machine Learning by Udacity

Yet another course that is perfect for working professionals is by Udacity. This Data Science and Machine Learning course encompass all the fundamentals of both these technologies. Thus making it a perfect choice for individuals who are working in this domain and all looking to excel as Data Scientists. The Udacity’s Data Science and Machine Learning course covers a wide range of topics in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Course Overview:

  • Data exploration and visualization
  • Data cleaning and pre-processing
  • Machine Learning algorithms and techniques
  • Model evaluation and selection
  • Data storytelling and communication

As a part of this learning program, the students will also get to work on real-world projects that let them apply their conceptual expertise in the practical domain. They also have the opportunity to interact with industry experts and mentors, thereby honing their skills. This course is designed for students from our IT background with no prior experience in Data Science or Machine Learning.

Course Eligibility

To Enrol in this program, you need is access to the internet and your laptop. The program is open to all and even freshers who are completely new to the world of Data Science.  

4. Data Scientists Nanodegree Program by Udacity

Working professionals in the field of Data Science can also consider a Data Scientist Nanodegree program by Udacity. This course is helpful for individuals who have knowledge of programming or have Data Science experience. This Data Science course exposes you to advanced Data Science concepts and their applications. It also assists you in real-world projects and career guidance that eventually catalyzes your professional growth. 

Course Overview

  • Learn how to solve Data Science problems
  • Software engineering for Data Scientists
  • Data Engineering for Data Scientists
  • Experiment Design and Recommendations
  • Data Science Projects

 Course Eligibility 

To enroll for the Nanodegree program in Data Science, one must have knowledge in Python programming, SQL programming, statistics, calculus, linear algebra, and experience wrangling and visualizing data. All this will make it easier for you to pursue the course.

Udacity also offers other courses which are free of cost. These include the following: 

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Introduction to Python
  • SQL for Data Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Data Visualization with Tableau

5. Data Science Program for working professionals by Pickl.AI

Another popular Data Science course for working professionals is offered by Pickl.AI. The platform is recognized for its unique curriculum designed by Data Scientists who have rendered their services to several organizations.

This Data Science course has been developed to give catalytic growth to professionals. In addition to incorporating all the fundamentals of Data Science, this Data Science program for working professionals also includes practical applications and real-world case studies.

Course Overview:

  • Python
  • Pandas
  • Statistics
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning 1
  • Supervised Learning 2
  • Unsupervised Learning

Course Eligibility

To be eligible for the Data Science course for working professionals, an individual must have worked in an organization for a certain number of years. Moreover, they should have some knowledge about programming languages and Data Science that will help them better understand and comprehend the concepts of Data Science covered as a part of this course.

In addition to the Data Science course for working professionals, Pickl.AI also offers Data Science courses for beginners and a free demo course that will acquaint you with the concepts of Machine Learning.

6. Data Science and Machine Learning by Kaggle

It is one of the most recognized platforms that offers a host of Data Science and Machine Learning courses, including this one. These courses include tutorials and a cloud-based workbench which helps in developing and running a Data Science course. This program is designed to provide a complete introduction to Data Science and allied concepts.

Course Overview

  • Data exploration and visualization
  • Data cleaning and pre-processing
  • Machine Learning algorithms and techniques
  • Model evaluation and selection

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to work on real-world projects and apply their knowledge and skills. The course is designed to be accessible to students with a variety of backgrounds, and no prior experience in Data Science or Machine Learning is required. It is self-paced and can be taken at any time.

Course Eligibility

To enroll for the Data Science and Machine Learning course on casual, there are no specific Course Eligibility. This is designed for students of a variety of backgrounds. If You Are a working professional with prior experience in Data Science and Machine Learning, this curriculum Will become even more helpful. This is a self-phase learning program.

In addition to this, individuals having some basic familiarity with programming and mathematical concepts like stats and algebra will be helpful.  Additionally, a strong desire to learn and a willingness to put in the time and effort to complete the course will be important for your success.

7. Data Science and AI Professional Certificate by Coursera

 This Data Science Course for working professional is offered along with IBM via Coursera. The program covers a range of topics and fundamentals of Data Science and artificial intelligence. This course is beneficial for individuals who see their careers as Data Scientists and artificial intelligence experts.

Course Overview

  • What is Data Science?
  • Open Source Tools for Data Science
  • Data Science Methodology
  • Python for Data Science
  • Databases and SQL for Data Science
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Applied Data Science Capstone

Throughout the program, students will work on real-world projects to apply their knowledge and skills and will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts. The program is self-paced and can be completed at any time.

 Course Eligibility

There are no specific eligibility Course Eligibility to enroll in the Data Science and AI Professional Certificate program on Coursera. Individuals with a strong desire to learn and a willingness to put in the time and effort to complete the program will be important for your success.

8. MicroMasters® Program inData Science by edX

This course has been designed to provide your expertise in the new concepts and developments that have taken place in the field of Data Science. Additionally, it involves learning the mathematical and computational tools that form the core of Data Science. Besides, you will also learn how to use the tools that will eventually help in making data-driven decisions. 

Course Overview  

  • Big data analytics using Spark
  • Python for Data Science
  • Probability & Statistics in Data Science using Python
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals

Course Eligibility

Individuals who have familiarity with a programming language and a basic understanding of statistical tools can find this Data Science course for working professionals helpful. 

9. Data Scientist Masters Program by Edureka

The platform is recognized for providing a number of courses, and one of these is the Data Scientist Masters program. This particular program has been developed for working professionals who are willing to upscale and update their knowledge base. It will give you the right boost in terms of knowledge and expertise in Data Science.

Course Overview 

  • Statistics
  • Data Science
  • Python
  • Apache Spark & Scala
  • Tensorflow
  • Tableau

Course Eligibility

To enroll for this Data Science course for working professionals, one needs to have a strong foundation in computer science, mathematics. Also, some prior knowledge in programming and data analysis is helpful. You do not need to have a specific degree or background in order to enroll in the course.

Best Online Data Science Course Provider

These are a few of the important online courses available for working professionals. Today pursuing a career is challenging because one has to meet up with the dynamism of the market. Organizations are looking for individuals who have holistic knowledge and a complete overview of different technical aspects. Hence, choosing the right learning platform becomes significant. Some of the prominent names include the following:


Coursera is a popular online learning platform that offers a wide range of Data Science courses from top universities and companies. Along with it, you can also find other courses on this platform.


This online learning platform that offers a variety of Data Science courses, including some that are specifically designed for professionals.


DataCamp is an online platform that focuses specifically on Data Science and offers interactive courses and hands-on projects. 


Udacity is an online education platform that offers a range of Data Science courses, including some that are part of Nanodegree programs. 


Dataquest is an online platform that offers Data Science courses and tracks that are focused on practical, hands-on learning. 


It is the best  platform offering advanced data science courses. With the help of expert data scientists as its team of instructor, Pickl.AI has prepared the best Data Scientist courses in India. Pickl.AI has also curated a curriculum for freshers. It offers an immersive learning experience which makes its Data Science course one of the best-rated in the industry.

It’s a good idea to compare the course offerings, pricing, and learning formats of different providers to find the one that is the best fit for you.

Why Should Working Professionals Consider Data Science Certification?

Today organizations have become keener on hiring individuals who have a complete overview of different aspects of the business. Instead of focusing on niche skills, organizations are now looking forward to individuals who have expertise in different domains, and Data Science is one of them. There are several reasons why working professionals might consider obtaining a Data Science certification:

To Advance Their Careers

The primary reason working professional students should start considering Data Science courses is to advance their career opportunities. Whether it is from a salary perspective or designation growth, upscaling oneself can simplify the journey. Pursuing the Data Science course please a vital link in ensuring strong and progressive career growth for working professionals.

To Increase Their Earning Potential

Data Scientists are one of the most well-paid job roles across the globe. Since there is a growing demand for Data Scientists across the different industrial domains, the Data Science earning potential is also on the high-rise. Professionals with command over Data Science skills and tools command higher salaries. A certification can help demonstrate to employers the value a person can bring to their organization.

To Stay Up-to-date With Industry Developments

The field of Data Science is rapidly evolving, and it can be helpful for professionals to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date. A certification program can provide an opportunity to learn about the latest tools, techniques, and best practices in the field.

To Build a Network of Professionals

Many certification programs provide opportunities to network with other professionals in the field, which can be valuable for finding job opportunities and staying connected to the Data Science community.

To Gain Credibility

A Data Science certification can provide credibility and legitimacy for professionals looking to enter the field or advance their careers. It can also be a way for professionals to differentiate themselves in a competitive job market.

How To Filter The Best Data Science Course Provider For Working Professionals

Now that you are aware of the reasons why one should be pursuing a career in Data Science, the next thing is to figure out the best institute that can help you to acquire the best Data Science skills search. We have already mentioned the 12 best course providers in Data Science. So if you are planning to narrow down your option to 1, here are some of the important considerations to be on your list:

Determine Your Goals and Needs

Before searching for a course, take some time to think about your goals and needs. What do you hope to learn or accomplish through the course? What are your time and budget constraints? Having a clear understanding of your needs will help you find a course that is a good fit.

Research The Course Content And Structure:

 Look for a course that covers all the topics of Data Science along with its practical application.  Some courses may be self-paced, while others have set schedules with live lectures and assignments.

The Team of Instructor(s):

Look for a course taught by instructors who have relevant experience and expertise in the field of Data Science. You may also want to check out online reviews or ask for recommendations from colleagues or friends.

 The Course Materials And Resources:

Look for a course that provides comprehensive course materials, such as lecture notes, exercises, and projects. It can also be helpful to look for a course that provides additional resources, such as access to a community of fellow students or post-course support.

Compare The Cost And Value:

Compare the cost of different courses and consider the value you will receive in return. Are the materials and resources provided worth the cost? Will the course give you the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your goals? This will help you filter the best courses for working professionals.

Seek Recommendations:

Ask colleagues or friends who have taken Data Science courses for their recommendations for the best online courses for working professionals. You can also join online forums or professional organizations related to Data Science to ask for recommendations.

Wrapping it up !!!

This was the basic overview of the Data Science courses for working professionals. As the Data Science horizon continues to expand and engulf the entire industrial spectrum, it becomes significant that working professionals start exploring new ways of upskilling and upgrading their knowledge base. You can enroll for any of the above-mentioned Data Science course for experienced professionals and start your growth as a professional Data Scientist today. So if you are willing to know how to become a data scientist, enroll in the best Data Science Course for working professionals today.


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