Difference Between Ruby and Python: Which is the best choice for data science professionals?

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Programming language plays a significant role. These have wider applicability in web application development. When it comes to the best programming languages for the developer, the option narrows down to Ruby and Python. It has universal application and ease of learning making these programming languages the best assistant for any programmer or developer. However, there is a constant tiff over whether Ruby is better than Python or vice-versa.

Both, these programming languages find applications in web application development but when it comes to using cases then Python takes the lead. In this blog, we will be exploring the difference between Ruby and Python and why enrolling in the online Python course for data science will make it easy for you to comprehend data science and allied concepts.

The key difference between Ruby and Python

Before going ahead to understand the difference between Ruby and Python, one must get a brief overview of both these programming languages.

Ruby overview

It is one of the most popular choices of developers to create web applications. Ruby is also known as Ruby on Rails and is known for its robust framework. It is built on MVC architecture. Ruby is equipped with in-built functions and libraries, thus simplifying the development task. Some of the popular websites using, like Shopify, GitHub, and Airbnb, are on the list of Ruby.  

The pros and cons of Ruby programming language

Pros Cons
Ruby is easy to learn The syntax of Ruby is a bit more complex than Python
Ruby and rails enable the users to develop their applications much faster. Because of the complicated set of facts, debugging this can be a problem
Ruby was developed with an intent to support and assistance in case the need arises It can be difficult to find libraries  in the Ruby programming language

Python overview

When it comes to one of the leading programming languages, then Python takes the lead. It is one of the most preferred programming languages by data scientists. It comes equipped with an extensive set of statistical libraries which are helpful in data science. Hence if you are planning to pursue a data science certification course, then opting for the online Python course for data science will be the best move forward. The different types of Python frameworks are helpful for a data scientist in assessing and interpreting the data.

In addition, Python is easy to learn and has universal applications. Its use cases are not just limited to data science, but others field like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is an open-source programming language. You can join the best Python course for data scientists and develop your skills in Python programming.


The pros and cons of Python programming language

Those willing to start coding in Python should first set up of work environment for this. Beginners may have a problem implementing the Python rules. To overcome this, one may take an online Python programming course.


Pros Cons
It has a simple syntax and is a user-friendly programming language. The complicated design of Python can be problematic for developers. Hence companies are hired by experts for this.
It has a massive standard library which makes it a highly useful programming language. It is not a completely secure programming language; hence you may need to adopt additional measures for the same
Python is a universal programming language and has applications across different operating systems.
It is a popular choice of developers Python has a lot of memory, but there is an issue with spam collection. As the developer has to be very careful while using the Python programming language
It is easy to debug Python code Python is a dynamic programming language; hence there is a greater probability of error showing up


Understanding the difference between Ruby and Python  

Python is a universal programming language that finds multiple applications. It is used for developing web applications, but when it comes to performance and speed, then Python is not as fast as Ruby.

Zone of work Ruby Python
Year of Development It was introduced in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto It was introduced in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum
Web development It is a general-purpose programming language is files applicability in web application development
Libraries and uses Ruby has a limited set of libraries that are used for developing applications that have higher traffic. You can find a range of libraries in Python, which is used by developers, mathematicians, and students who are solving statistical problems of data analysis.
Uses It is used in digital marketing and developing websites. Data scientists majorly use Python to manipulate, interpret and visualize data.
Syntax Ruby is an easy-to-understand programming language You can easily learn Python and start coding in it.
Code reusability Yes, of Ruby on rails, you can re-use the code. But this task is a bit complex one Python offers you the usability of courses as modules. You can also filter them based on the categories your project requires.
Examples of websites Apple, Hulu, Github, Zen desk Instagram, YouTube, dropbox, Google and others


Are there any similarities between Python and Ruby

Although there is a difference between Python and Ruby, there is a certain similarity between the two. These are listed below:

  • Both these programming languages are cross-plot platform languages.
  • These are high-level languages and cannot be compiled
  • Both Python and Ruby are dynamic languages.
  • Ruby and Python follow object-oriented programming
  • Ruby and Python render standard libraries and constant support over different platforms like Windows, UNIX, Linux and others

Python or Ruby: Which one is the best choice for the freshers?

Since Python is gaining popularity as a programming language, the freshers are now opting for online Python courses for data science. It is a leading programming language and can help a fresher comprehend the concepts of data science more effectively.

If you are a fresher and want to dip your toe into the world of data science, the biggest challenge that you will have is to choose the best Python course for data scientists. Since there are a number of course providers, which can be difficult to make a choice. Although Python programming language is easy to learn and comprehend, certain complexities need the guidance of an expert. Hence joining the online Python course for data science will assist you the best.

Freshers can pick up Python programming language courses, but the fact is one must begin with Ruby because it is one of the best tools available for developing web applications. Once you have gained expertise in this, you can start learning Python.

This was the basic difference between Ruby and Python. Although both these programming languages have a special significance when it comes to applicability and learning curve. But Python offers better opportunities and applications. Some of the common examples like Instagram and YouTube are using Python. Hence if you are planning to become a data scientist, pursuing an online fight in force for data science will be the best move.

With Python, it becomes easier to understand the different sets of work associated with data analysis and interpretation. Besides, the availability of libraries and a large volume of Python framework gives the developer enough opportunity to easily develop applications.


Choosing the best Python certifications

If you are planning to join the data science certification course or Python programming course, here are certain key parameters you must consider before choosing the course of your choice.

 Check the course module– the first thing that you need to check is the course module of the course provider. The learning platform should incorporate all the theoretical concepts as well as practical applications of Python.

 Instructors- the next significant factor is the instructors who will be taking the course ahead. A team of professionals will ensure a positive learning experience.


Wrapping it up !!!

When choosing a programming language, one can begin with Ruby or Python. However, regarding popularity, Python seems to take the lead. It finds wider applications and has some of the most popular websites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube on its list.

Pickl offers the best learning experience. If you, too, are planning to become a data scientist and exploring the best learning opportunity, this is the best time to start enrolling in the online Python program course for data science. Here you get to learn from a data science expert. Each course module is followed by project and case studies that help better understand and apply data science and Python.

The data will be driving the world and rolling for the best data science program will help you keep up with the competitive change taking place in the market. Making the right career choices is paramount. Hence learning this skill set is going to be more beneficial. Enroll for the data science certification program and Python program today. Pickl.AI provides the best online data science certification course that covers the topic of Python as well. You can join this course and start your learning journey.




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