Month: July 2021

How to Become a Data Analyst with No Experience

TL;DR – The process of becoming a data scientist is complex, but here we have broken it down into simple, manageable steps which can transform anyone into a data scientist.

What is Machine Learning in Simple Words

Machine learning is considered to be the “technology of tomorrow being realized in the present”. From search engines to self-driving cars, machine learning has become indispensable to the modern lifestyle.

Does Machine Learning Require Coding?

AutoML is enabling persons with a non-coding background to find their feet in the domain. It automates the so-called mundane aspects of the model building process and allows for us to realize no-code machine learning.

What is Data Scientist Eligibility Criteria

Careers in data science are highly lucrative and have widely been considered to be among the most sought-after ones in this day and age.

A tale of regression and regressiveness – Statistics

Mahima had been a bright performer at her school. However, with passage of time, it started to seem as if she was flailing about in academics.