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Pickl (TransOrg’s education brand) is looking for an operations person who is technically immersed in data science as a subject. This role for someone who has someone who wants to accelerate his/her exposure to many areas in ML and big data.

About the company

TransOrg Analytics has over a decade of specialization in machine learning and data science consulting. Pickl.AI is the education brand of TransOrg Analytics.

The role
  • Be absolute owner of technical (data science) content generated by Pickl.
  • Technical quality audit – of the content created by senior experts.
  • Organize and algin learning content according to different user personas in a unified and seamless manner.
  • Solve a range of problems on a vast variety of datasets.
  • Validate and audit data science content going on various marketing channels.
Skills are we looking for
  • 5+ years of work experience in data science and machine learning.
  • Moderate familiarity with deep learning, big data stacks.
  • Familiarity with communities such as Kaggle, UCI ML Repo, GitHub, Hugging Face, OpenAI, Papers with Code etc.
  • Prior experience in organizing datasets, case studies, popular problems in ML is mandatory.
  • Prior EdTech experience would be highly desirable.
You are a good fit if you
  • Are looking for work full of life and a life full of work, unfettered by 9-5 job.
  • Are looking for autonomous professional evolution. Your commitment to the role is about outcomes and not the number of years you might spend working here.
  • Can stick your neck out, propound hypotheses, share success with all but can embrace failure all by yourself.
  • Are someone who loves to work for a mission, is undeterred by dull phases, and gets excited by small victories.
The team you will be working with
  • Imagine yourself as working inside an incubator.
  • For the most strategic team of TransOrg, directly with the founder and other senior leaders.
  • No micromanagement.
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