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Stepping on the right career path defines the future of every individual. Data Science is one of the most popular career options. You can enroll in the Data Science course in Indore and start your journey as a Data Scientist. The growing demand for a professional Data Scientist makes this field full of opportunities. So, if you are willing to give a progressive start to your career, join the Data Science course in Indore today.

Data Science Course in Indore Key Highlights

Data Science Course in Indore Key Highlights

Best Trainers
Best Trainers
Learn from qualified Data Science professionals
1:1 Career Coaching Sessions
1:1 Career Coaching Sessions
Experience complete assistance and support for career growth
Targeted Curriculum
Targeted Curriculum
The course has been designed to target professionals and freshers
Self-Paced Learning
Self-Paced Learning
Get complete flexibility while learning and access the course in your comfort
Career Guidance
Career Guidance
Get complete assistance and support on networking and preparing the portfolio for placement

Course Overview

Pickl.AI’s Data Science course in Indore has been created to provide a comprehensive learning experience. It incorporates modules on Python and Machine Learning, making Pickl.AIs Data Science course in Indore one of the best-rated courses. With this online Data Science training program in Indore with Pickl.AI, you get the expertise to understand and use different tools and software. For more updates and information on their Data Science training program, log on to Pickl.AI.

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Data Science Course in Indore Key Highlights
Data Science course in Indore Module

Data Science course in Indore Module

8 Modules • 85 lessons

The Data Mindset

Introduction to Data Analysis
Preview 26:04
Anatomy of Data
Preview 33:88
Tools for Analyzing Data - Excel
Tools for Analyzing Data - SQL


Introduction to Python
Basics of Python
In built Data Structures in Python
List and Dictionary Comprehension
Object Oriented Programming
Working with Files
Exception Handling
Installation of VS Code

Introduction to Statistics

Intro to Statistics
Types of Variables
Measures of Central Tendency & Spread
Measuring Position
Types of Distributions
Normal Distribution
Central Limit Theorem
Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Testing
Examples of Hypothesis Testing

Fundamentals of Machine Learning

Learning process
Feature Selection
How a Model Learns
Measuring Performance
Model Performance
Feature Engg Demo
Feature Scaling

Supervised Learning 1

Introduction to Linear Regression
Model Training - Linear Regression
Model evaluation - Linear Regression
Regularisation - Linear Regression
Assumptions of Linear Regression
Locally weighted Linear Regression
Demonstration - Linear Regression
Introduction to Logistic Regression
Model Training - Logistic Regression
Model Evaluation - Logistic Regression
Demonstration - Logistic Regression
Multiclass Classification

Supervised Learning 2

Intro to Decision Trees
Classification Trees

Unsupervised Learning

K-means Clustering
Hierarchial Clustering
Association rule mining
Demo-Association Rule Mining
Recommendation Systems

Business Intelligence-Tableau

Introduction to Tableau
Basics of Tableau
Tableau Calculations
Essential Charts
Filters in Tableau
Sets, Groups & Clusters
Introduction to Advanced Concepts

If you are residing in Indore and want to enroll in the best Data Science course in Indore, then we have online Data Science courses in Indore. To start your learning journey, join the Pickl.AI’s Data Science course in Indore today.

Data Science Course in Indore FAQ's

Making the right start in a career is significant. Choosing the right career option and learning skills will play an important role in defining your future. Since Data Science is finding wider applications across the different industrial domains joining the Data Science course in Indore will give you a competitive edge.

The salary of a Data Scientist falls within a lucrative slab. Coming to the pay package, the Data Scientist can earn anywhere between ₹ 4.0 Lakhs to ₹ 20.0 Lakhs. It is expected that by 2026 there will be around 11.6 million Data Scientist job opportunities across the globe. Hence if you have a Data Science certification, you have a greater scope of bagging a good job opportunity. If you are willing to make a positive move in your career, join the Data Science course in Indore today.

Online forces have eliminated the boundaries of learning. Sitting in Indore, you can access the courses in any part of the world. The online Data Science course in Indore gives you the leverage to adopt a self-paced learning strategy. You will get access to the courses and videos. Besides, Pickl.AI offers 1:1 career and placement assistance, enhancing your prospects of getting good placements. In addition, there are certain other benefits of joining the Data Science training program with Pickl.AI. These are enlisted below:

  1. Expert Guidance
  2. Learn from Data Science Professional
  3. Get complete guidance
  4. A comprehensive learning module
  5. Access the free demo class before registration

Online Data Science course fees in Indore may vary based on the type of module you have enrolled for. Pickl.AI offers Data Science courses for freshers as well as working professionals. The course fee may vary based on the type of course, you are opting for. The starting fee for the Data Science course for beginners is Rs.1999.

There has been a significant rise in the demand for data science professionals across the globe. As per LinkedIn, there has been a 650% increase in Data Science jobs since 2012. This highlights the growing demand for experts in Data Science. The best part about Pickl.AI’s online Data Science course is that it has been designed for freshers and working professionals. The module has been created to completely understand Data Science's core concepts and fundamentals. So whether you are willing to learn from scratch or UR, a working professional who wants to up skill and upgrade their knowledge base Pickl.AI offers the right Data Science course for you.

Compared to the earlier times, we are creating much more data daily. It is expected that 125 zettabytes of data will be created by 2025. This data is of great significance for every company. Whether running a small business or a big enterprise, data finds applications in every domain. The work of a Data Science professional is to extract useful information and synchronize this data into meaningful information. Hence, a Data Science professional has a huge scope and job profile. As a Data Scientist, you can explore the following job opportunities:

  • Business Analyst
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Statistician

Pickl.AI’s online Data Science course in Indore has been created to suit the knowledge and expertise level of the individuals enrolled in this program. Whether you are a fresher who is completely new to the field of Data Science or a working professional who has been rendering services in data science, you will find a Data Science course suitable for your requirement.

Pickl.AI's Data Science certification course in Indore is an online course. This means that this Data Science course can be accessed from any part of Indore.

If you reside in other states of India like Pune or Chennai, then you can join the Data Science course in Chennai or Data Science course in Pune. These courses are offered under the umbrella of Pickl.AI and have been created by Data Science professionals. You can explore the following online Data Science courses by Pickl.AI:

Every individual wants strong professional growth. Choosing the right learning path will play an important role in this. Since there is a growing demand for Data Science, Pickl.AI offers you a platform where even a fresher can become a Data Science expert. You can enroll in this program and see yourself as a successful Data Scientist in the times to come.

LinkedIn has mentioned Data Science to be one of the most lucrative career opportunities. With the growing intervention of technology and the wider applicability of information derived from data, the role of Data Scientists remains profound in every sector.

With Pickl.AI’s Data Science course, every individual has the liberty to opt for the right Data Science course based on their knowledge and expertise. Pickl.AI's online Data Science training program has additional benefits like:

  • Demo classes
  • Development of job-related skills
  • Expert mentorship
  • Flexible learning pattern
  • Placement support
  • Real case studies and projects

Pickl.AI ensures you get all the support and assistance that will help you excel in Data Science. Hence, we have prepared a comprehensive learning program. Along with it, we also have the best instructors who will guide you and assist you in problem-solving.

Pickl.AI ensures you get all the support and assistance that will help you excel in Data Science. Hence, we have prepared a comprehensive learning program. Along with it, we also have the best instructors who will guide you and assist you in problem-solving.

Our course instructors are our key assets. The instructors are shortlisted after a stringent selection process. We always have the best instructors to make this course more effective. Pickl.AI emphasizes having Data Science professionals with relevant experience to make the online Data Science course more effective.

One of the differentiating features of Pickl.AI’s online Data Science course in Indore is that we help our students learn from the best and ensure that you have all the guidance and support to help you get the best placement. From interview preparation to creating an impactful profile, Pickl.AI helps you at every step to make your learning journey most effective and rewarding.

Usually, it is common that Data Science is only for those with expertise in IT or programming language. So it can be challenging for an individual new to the concept of Data Science and not well versed with a programming language to pursue this course. But, with Pickl.AI, we have prepared a curriculum focusing on the knowledge and expertise of the individual.

We have the Pickl.AI’s Data Science course for beginners. We also offer an online Machine Learning course and online Python course that will assist you in understanding Data Science concepts more effectively.

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As a professional, I understand that upskilling oneself is important to stay ahead of the competition. With Pickl.AI, I upskilled and upgraded my knowledge of the new Machine Learning tools.
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Aaditya Singh

Data Science specialization can help in excelling in one's career, and Pickl.AI ensures that we take the best step forward. After completing this ML course, I feel more confident to take the best step forward in my professional journey.
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