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It's time to expand your horizons of growth by joining the best Data Science program. Become a part of the bandwagon of success with the online Data Science Course in Bhopal. Pickl’s Data Science training program prepares you to become the most proficient and qualified data scientist.

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Data Science Course in Bhopal Key Highlights

Best Trainers

Learn from qualified Data Science professionals

Career Guidance

Experience complete assistance and support for career growth

Targeted Curriculum

The course has been designed to target professionals and freshers

Self-paced Learning

Get complete flexibility while learning and access the course in your comfort

Career Guidance

Get complete assistance and support on networking and preparing the portfolio for placement

Course Overview

The online Data Science course structure in Bhopal has been developed under the supervision of Data Science experts. They will guide you and take you through the detailed analysis and comprehension of different tools and software used in Data Science. In addition, you will also learn about Artificial Intelligence, Python, Big Data, Machine Learning and allied concepts.

Programme Fees

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Data Science Course in Bhopal

Data science course in Bhopal Module


  • Basics of Python
  • Data Structures
  • Libraries in Python


  • Basics of Python
  • Slicing and Sorting
  • Pivot Tables


  • Introduction
  • Distributions
  • Hypothesis Testing

Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Basics
  • Feature Engineering
  • EDA

Supervised Learning 1

  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Multiclass Classification

Supervised Learning 2

  • Decision Trees
  • Bagging
  • Boosting

Unsupervised Learning

  • K-Means Clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • Association Rule Mining

The residents of Bhopal can easily access this online course. The curriculum has been curated to suit individual requirements. So, if you are looking for the best learning experience, connect with Pickl today.

Data Science Course in Bhopal FAQ's

The comprehensive Data Science course in Bhopal will help you gain complete insight into Data Science. With real-life experience and live projects, you can easily implement all the tools and software for better insight. Besides, the data scientist's job has been on a high rise. Its growing demand across the different industrial segments makes it one of the most prospective career opportunities.

  • Good salary - A Data Science professional can draw a good salary. The salary ranges from ₹ 4.0 Lakhs to ₹ 20.0 Lakhs.
  • Greater job opportunity - The scope of the job is not limited to a city or an industry. The demand for Data Science professionals is growing, and this growing demand is a global phenomenon, and there will be around 11.6 million data scientist job opportunities in the times to come.
  • Prosperous future - With the Data Science certification, you will find yourself in a stronger position when it comes to job opportunities and growth. If you want to make a positive start in your career, you should join Pickl’s online Data Science course in Bhopal.

As a part of the Data Science training program in Bhopal, you will get the following assistance from Pickl:

  1. Expert guidance
  2. Learn from Data Science professional
  3. Get complete guidance
  4. A comprehensive learning module
  5. Access the free demo class before registration
The demand for online Data Science courses is growing. Pickl’s Data Science course has been divided into different courses like Data Science course for dabblers, Data Science course for an apprentice, Data Science course for wizard, and Data Science course for radicl. Each of these courses has a different fee, which is highlighted below in the table: If you are also planning to join the Data Science course in Bhopal, you should know about the fee structure.
Course Course Fee
Dabbler ₹2000
Apprentice ₹12,000
Wizard ₹15,000
Radicl ₹15,000
The burgeoning demand for Data Science professionals across the globe has made it one of the most lucrative career opportunities. There has been a 650% rise in the demand for Data Science professionals since 2012. Today, any individual who wants to learn Data Science can enrol for the Data Science certification program. Pickl offers a dedicated Data Science program for individuals, and you can enrol for the one that best matches your skill set.

The job market is getting competitive, and so every professional needs to acquire a skill set that differentiates them from the others. With the Data Science training program in Pickl, you will learn all the core concepts of Data Science. In addition, you will also learn about Machine Learning, big data and Python. After completing this course, you will be eligible for the following job profiles:

  • Business Analyst
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Statistician

Pickl’s online Data Science course in Bhopal is a self-paced learning course.The course has been prepared to cover every concept of Data Science followed by its practical applications, thus making it the right learning platform. Each of these courses has a different time duration. The following table highlights the same:

Course Modules Duration Course Fee
Dabbler 7 Self-paced ₹2000
Apprentice 7 2 months ₹12,000
Wizard 7 3 months ₹15,000
Radicl 5 2 months ₹15,000
Radicl Pro 5 3 months ₹80,000

Pickl's online Data Science certification course in Bhopal can be accessed from any part of Bhopal. You cannot miss an opportunity to be a part of growth. Unfold newer opportunities for growth with the online Data Science course in Bhopal. You can access this course from any part of Bhopal. The online course eliminates the border; now, everyone can access the best education. In addition to this, Pickl also offers other Data Science courses. These include the following:

  • Data science course in Bengaluru
  • Data science course in Chennai
  • Data science course in Coimbatore
  • Data science course in Bhopal
  • Data science course in Jaipur
  • Data science course in Lucknow
  • Data science course in Nagpur
  • Data science course in Pune

Pickl ensures that you get all the knowledge and develop all the skills that give you a competitive edge. Once you enrol in Pickl's Data Science course, you will learn all about Data Science and allied concepts. In addition, you will also:

  • Get an in-depth understanding of data structure and manipulation
  • Learn the use of linear and non-linear regression models
  • Acquire complete expertise in supervised and unsupervised learning models like logistic regression, clustering, and linear regression
  • Gain expertise in mathematics computing
  • Gain familiarity with concepts of the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Learn the use of several tools and analyse data using Tableau
With Pickl's online Data Science course in Bhopal, you are assured of learning from the best. The focus is always to get the best instructors to ensure a unique learning experience for every individual. With the Pickl’s Data Science course, you not only learn about Data Science but it also focusses on overall knowledge development, making you job-ready. Pickl offers academic, and placement assistance to every student enrolled on its Data Science course in Bhopal.
Pickl is known for its unique Data Science course curriculum. Experts from the industry have prepared it. Hence Pickl always emphasises hiring the best instructors. Each of these professionals has years of experience in Data Science and has leveraged their expertise to create a curriculum that is industry oriented.
To make your learning experience even more effective, Pickl ensures that you get all the support, assistance and guidance. And so, with its Data Science program, you will get complete guidance on resume building, networking, and placement.

To learn Data Science, all you need is passion. Pickl ensures that every individual who wants to learn Data Science can get access to the course. And so it has a dedicated curriculum for beginners as well as experienced professionals. Pickl offers complete support and assistance, if you want to start learning about Data Science from scratch or upskill your knowledge base.

To enrol for this program, you must :

  • Clear your 10+2 with 50% marks
  • Have the knowledge of basic concepts of mathematics and statistics
  • Knowledge of Python and basic Data Science concepts for working professionals

Our data science and machine learning stalwarts

  • High School Student

  • Non Tech Enthusiast

  • Graduate Engineer

  • MBA Professional

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